Israel destroys homes of suspected Israeli teen killers

Jerusalem - Israeli troops on Monday demolished the homes of two Palestinians it suspects of the abduction and killing of three teenagers in the occupied West Bank in June, the army said.

Troops set charges to destroy the homes of Hussam Kawasme and Amar Abu Aysha in the southern West Bank before dawn and sealed off the home of a third suspect, Marwan Kawasme, the army said.

Israel accuses Hamas Islamist militants of the abduction and killing of Jewish seminary students Gil-Ad Shaer, Naftali Fraenkel and Eyal Yifrah, who went missing on 12 June and were discovered dead a couple of weeks later in the West Bank.

Hamas has neither confirmed nor denied those accusations.

Hussam Kawasme, a 40-year-old resident of Hebron, was arrested on 11 July but the other two suspects remain at large, the army said.

The killings set off a cycle of violence that led to a month-long offensive between Israel and militants in Hamas-dominated Gaza.

Israel carried out air strikes and a ground offensive in the enclave to counter militant rocket fire and to blow up a network of tunnels dug under the border to infiltrate the Jewish state.

The Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza says 1 980 Palestinians, mostly civilians, have been killed in the conflict. On the Israeli side, 64 soldiers and three civilians have been killed.

A ceasefire that brought fighting to a halt is due to expire later on Monday and Egyptian-mediated talks to end the conflict are not certain to succeed, according to Palestinian delegates participating in the talks in Cairo.

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Abdul Hamied Ismail 2014/08/18 09:20:17 AM
So Israel destroys the home of a killer why they don't arrest the killer what sense is that
Cyberfriend 2014/08/18 09:23:43 AM
The rule of Law requires a "suspect" to have a fair hearing before being found guilty and punished, clearly Israel unlawfully demolished a home of a suspect, is also a violation of the cease fire in place.
Henno 2014/08/18 09:40:09 AM
Anything to demolish an extra house 'eh Israel? Really looking forward to seeing the State of Israel demolished
GustavMahler 2014/08/18 10:01:49 AM
“Who are they at war with? Anyone who impinges on their freedom. Someone has to bring their war to them. A church is bombed, they bomb ten. A plane is hijacked, they take out an airport. Their tourists are executed, they tactically nuke an entire city. Their job is to make terrorism so horrific, it becomes unthinkable to attack them.”
James Uknow 2014/08/18 10:03:36 AM
new land for settlers to build their homes
Henno 2014/08/18 10:37:04 AM
@Linton Could you please give me the source of the confession? Oh, and if it ends with a .il domain then I am not interested
Riaz Kajee 2014/08/18 11:44:05 AM
Absolutely no proof of guilt but they go and demolish their homes how horrific. Even if they were guilty the law needs to run its course they need to be convicted in a court of law and imprisoned. It just shows israel thinks it can do anything it wants and is a law unto itself
Ifat Eliyahu Talbot 2014/08/18 11:58:58 AM
A Jewish man stands up in a crowd, and tells a story of when Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the TEN COMMANDMENTS, he was tired and laid the commandments down on the ground, and decided to go bath in the water, he took off his clothing and got in the water, then a Palestinian man arrived and stole Moses' clothing... A Palestinian man stands up in the crowd and shouts "That's a LIE, we weren't even there yet!"... "EXACTLY!!!" Replied the Jewish man
Ifat Eliyahu Talbot 2014/08/18 12:02:51 PM
@ Darren - Exactly! When the blockade wasn't there, everyone lived together and there were suicide bombings on a weekly basis, school buses and buses, bus stops, night clubs, wedding venues, SYNAGOGUES!!!!! and many more! So, what do they expect, for Israel to lift the blockade?? It is like letting a group of TSOTSIS in to you HOME willingly to rape and kill you and your family, and live in your house!!! NO one in their right minds would let that happen!
David Luis 2014/08/18 12:04:20 PM
Seriously people? How can anyone claim that Muslims are anything except peace loving people! just look at the way they treat each other and the way thy treat other religions (Syria, Isis in Iraq,Iran-Iraq war, Boko Haram, muslim war-lords in Ethiopia, bombings in UK, bombings in US, rockets fired to Israel, suicide bombers) really? how can anyone claim that the muslim religion is anything other than gentle and loving to all human beings??? BTW, since the IRA laid down their weapons over 20 years ago there has not been a single act of terrorism that was not carried out by muslims.... Yes, most definitely a peaceful people