Israel is a cancer - Hezbollah leader

Cape Town – The leader of Lebanese militant group Hezbollah has called Israel a cancer and that the “ultimate goal should be to remove it”, according to a report.

According to a Jerusalem Post report Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah criticised the Israeli offensive saying that Israel seeks short wars that lead to quick, decisive, and clear victories.

Recent AFP reports have put the Palestinian death toll at 1 962, of whom the United Nations says 72% were civilians. Sixty four Israeli soldiers have also lost their lives.

Nasrallah said the most dangerous problem faced by the Lebanese/Arabic public is reaching a point where Israel’s existence is considered as normal by regional groups.

He added that Israel is an illegitimate entity, a threat to the region, and that the ultimate goal of the Arab and Islamic nation is to end Israel’s existence, Alalam reported.

Hezbollah is a Shi’a political party and Islamist group based in Lebanon, where their armed forces are considered more powerful than the national army.

Louis Ackermann 2014/08/15 01:34:28 PM
The motive will always be the same and the spirit behind it being that to destroy God's people. Age old battle going on. On the positive side we know what the end result will be, Israel will not be defeated - God has promised it - God can not lie!
Andre du Preez 2014/08/15 01:38:42 PM
Hassan you are the cancer in this world!
Spellcheck_You're welcome 2014/08/15 01:41:03 PM
What have Hamas or Hezbollah ever contributed to the world besides war? Oxygen thieves.
Enig Ma 2014/08/15 01:59:25 PM
Look at the fanatic's face.I hope the Israel cancer swallows the Islam cancer!
Christian-Ian Olivier 2014/08/15 02:03:08 PM
@Sviatoslav Igorevich, how has such a small nation always been able to successfully defend itself? They have been under attack for all these years. History has proven that attempts to wipe the Jewish people off the face of the earth has never succeeded. Ever wondered why....... Can only be God! The God of Gods, the King of Kings!
Mike South 2014/08/15 02:08:56 PM
That's what all the moegoes what.They ALL want Israel wiped off from the face of the earth.They don't want peace as they're a cult built on hate.Do you know their idol god has 99 names and the name love does not appear.Amazing.They're all the same.
Kelly O'Neill 2014/08/15 02:14:40 PM
Hezbollah leader has alot of Hitler in him!
Timothy Jenkin 2014/08/15 02:14:57 PM
Wow, from bad to worse. War in the Middle East is going to intensify to an uncontrollable point. Brace yourselves people!
Marlon Baartman 2014/08/15 02:19:41 PM
about 8450 muslims were killed by other muslims in there socalled holy month,were they beleave that the devil is chained during this month,during the middle of july 1700 were killed in syria and over 1300 killed in iraq and 13 sunni clerics were executed by fellow muslims in mosul,but you wont see any protest or marching by any muslims or any of this in main stream media,more muslims are being killed by other muslims around the world.
Louise-Roger Higham 2014/08/15 02:21:42 PM
No you are the cancer, ebola and hiv