Israel pounds Gaza as mediators try to rescue truce

Gaza City - Israeli warplanes pummelled Gaza with 50 air strikes that killed seven Palestinians on Saturday as militants slammed 23 rockets into Israel, defying international efforts to find a fresh ceasefire.

Britain, France and Germany on Saturday called in a joint statement for Israel and Hamas to agree a truce "immediately".

Tens of thousands of pro-Palestinian demonstrators marched through central London and Cape Town, condemning Israel's one-month military assault into Gaza.

Gaza emergency services said seven men were killed in Israeli raids - two in a car driving in the southern Gaza town of Rafah, two travelling by motorcycle through Al-Maghazi refugee camp and three pulled from the rubble of Al-Qassam mosque in the middle of the enclave.

The Palestinian interior ministry said Israeli jets destroyed three mosques. At least two of them were considered close to Hamas.

Gazan Ibrahim Taweel said the Israeli military telephoned him at 03:00, warning him to evacuate his nearby home five minutes before the mosque was attacked.

"I couldn't tell all my neighbours, so I evacuated myself and my neighbour and after five minutes an F-16 fired one rocket and after that a bigger rocket destroyed the mosque," he said.

The army said 23 rockets rained on Israel, bringing to 61 the number of projectiles launched at the Jewish state since a 72-hour truce ended on Friday.

One Israeli civilian and a soldier were wounded on Friday.

Israel said it had carried out more than 100 strikes in Gaza since Friday morning, 49 of them on Saturday, targeting those responsible for the rocket fire.

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Binte Maya 2014/08/09 09:07:31 PM
No... oh please no.. this had to end:(
Nokwanda Matanda 2014/08/09 09:12:24 PM
Then israel complains about anti semitism. You reap what you saw. Murderers!!
Mpomane Koaho 2014/08/09 09:25:13 PM
I do have a very very far different idea a man in this earth has had I fore see no solution so far and to raise my idea it would of caurse safe more life and future wealth.
Sthembiso Jali 2014/08/09 09:34:07 PM
All humans are born free and equal and should never be subjected to mass killings , torture or attacks. UN declaration of humans rights 1945. Whatever happened to that ?
Atti May 2014/08/09 09:56:54 PM
The religion that is most hated is definitely the correct 1. Do some intense research ( not media pls) n u will see remember we should all pray that god leads us to the straight path (religion) and not the religion that is astray. Remember this life Is a temporary place where we are tested whether we look n find the true religion. May the almighty god guide us amen.
Joe Gomes 2014/08/09 09:57:08 PM
Why do Muslims feel that they have to take over the world??
Motho Fela 2014/08/09 09:58:49 PM
l always believed in the State of Israel no matter what, until recently, l went and watch some Videos on Youtube about Jewish people in Israel and l was shocked to find out how racists and bad some are towards other people of many races, they hate arabs, africans etc, and also believe they are better than anyone in this earth. now l saked myself is this chosen nation of God ??? The more l find out about this conflict between Palistine and Israel the more l am beginning to get confused and asked myself that Who is Israel???, People have been saying this Jews of today do not have the same DNA with the Jews of Jesus time and Palestine have been in that Land for century, God help me l am really getting confused.
rorypreddy 2014/08/09 09:59:31 PM
Go israel!
Chanaichi Maxwell M Mnthali 2014/08/09 10:16:44 PM
Goooooooooooooooo!! israel and distroy them.
Clive Adrian Hammond 2014/08/09 10:26:55 PM
Wow they are good, like usa bombing swaziland...welldone! so proud!