Israel ready to extend Gaza truce unconditionally

Jerusalem - Israel is prepared to extend a 72-hour ceasefire in Gaza unconditionally, following nearly a month of bitter fighting with Hamas, an official said on Wednesday.

"Israel has no problem extending the ceasefire unconditionally," the official told AFP on condition of anonymity. The current truce, which came into effect on Tuesday, is due to expire at 08:00 local time on Friday.

The fighting between Israel and Hamas killed 1 875 Palestinians and 67 on the Israeli side, said officials. The deaths of 64 Israeli soldiers were the heaviest toll since the 2006 war against Hezbollah.

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Clint Warren 2014/08/06 09:27:11 PM
Netanyahu the dovecote is a flutter and the hawks are circling. The end of the road for one of the most disastrous of Prime Ministers of Israel?
Shaun McCormack 2014/08/06 09:31:23 PM
Easy to say now that they have completely destroyed Gaza
forest gump 2014/08/06 09:46:34 PM
unconditionally meaning as long as things stay exactly the way they are.. is he for real?
Mally Gee 2014/08/06 09:56:34 PM
Israel has always desired peace. History verifies that it is always and every time the Arabs that initiate war against Israel. These two points are not my opinion, they are quantifiable facts from verifiable history.
MeThinks 2014/08/06 10:02:53 PM
One would hope that Hamas has similar intention and that both groups will work hard at seeing this through!! Ishmael and Izak!!
Enig Ma 2014/08/06 10:10:59 PM
If unconditionally implies not negotiating the blockade and occupied territories its conditionally.
Binte Maya 2014/08/06 10:20:13 PM
Enig Ma.. I was thinking the excat same thing!
Binte Maya 2014/08/06 10:20:40 PM
jungleboy 2014/08/07 12:06:11 AM
Once again people around the world have had to endure toxic propaganda from Israel. So sick and tired of these bullies and hooligans.
Brett Deeley-Barnard 2014/08/07 02:27:30 AM
I wish Israel would stop with the warnings and clean house once and for all. Stop the talk and put the terrorists in there place once and for all. Hamas are cowards go back to Mecca