Israel strike kills family of 5 in Gaza

Gaza City - Israeli warplanes pounded Gaza on Saturday, killing five Palestinians from the same family, two of them children, as the war between Israel and Hamas entered a 47th day.

Eighty-one Palestinians and a 4-year-old Israeli boy have been killed and nine Israeli civilians wounded since Tuesday, when truce talks collapsed ending nine days of calm.

Israel has vowed no let-up until it can guarantee the safety of its civilians, while Hamas insists that Israel must end its eight-year blockade of the territory as part of any truce.

The Israeli military said it had carried out more than 20 air strikes over the Gaza Strip on Saturday and that at least three rockets or mortar rounds had hit southern Israel.

Witnesses and Palestinian officials said two mosques were destroyed in the Khan Yunis area of southern Gaza, while a third, in the Shati refugee camp, which had already been damaged, was bombed again.

The deadliest Israeli air strike on Saturday levelled a home in al-Zawayda in central Gaza, killing a couple, their sons aged 3 and 4, and a 45-year-old aunt, medics said.

Another seven Palestinians were wounded in an Israeli strike that struck a house in Zeitun, east of Gaza City, medics said.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed on Friday that the army would exact harsh retribution for the killing of a four-year-old child by shrapnel that tore through his home in kibbutz Nahal Oz in southern Israel.

First Israeli child killed

Daniel Tragerman was the first Israeli child killed since the current conflict began on July 8.

Israel said militants had fired the deadly mortar round from next to a school in the Zeitun neighbourhood of Gaza City.

Netanyahu said "Hamas will pay a heavy price for this attack," his spokesperson Ofir Gendelman said on his Twitter account.

The army and the Shin Bet security agency would "intensify ops against Hamas", he added.

At least 2 097 Palestinians have been killed since 8 July, 70% of them civilians, according to the United Nations.

On the Israeli side, 68 people have died, all but four of them soldiers.

It is the deadliest fighting of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since the 2005 end of the second intifada, or uprising.


On Friday, Hamas executed 18 people it accused of collaborating with Israel a day after three of its top commanders were assassinated in Israeli air strikes.

Hamas gunmen grabbed six of them as worshippers left midday prayers at Gaza's biggest mosque, witnesses told AFP.

Another witness saw 11 people shot dead in a square near the remains of Gaza police headquarters, bombed by Israeli warplanes.

An 18th person was shot in front of bystanders in a separate incident.

The Western-backed Palestinian president and Hamas's exiled leader urged the United Nations on Friday to draw up a "timetable" for the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories to end, Qatar state media reported.

President Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas supremo Khaled Meshaal issued the appeal during talks in Doha, hosted by the Qatari emir, a key backer of the Islamist de facto rulers of Gaza.

The two Palestinian leaders have been holding talks since Thursday, but little has filtered out.


Britain, France and Germany have advanced key points of a new UN Security Council resolution calling for an immediate and sustainable ceasefire, and the lifting of Israel's blockade.

Diplomats said the text was aimed at advancing efforts to reach agreement within the 15-member council after a draft resolution from Jordan met with resistance from Israel's US ally.

Washington has wielded its veto powers at the Security Council repeatedly in the past on behalf of Israel, although the now 46-day war has strained relations between the allies.

The new resolution proposes a mechanism to monitor the ceasefire and supervise the movement of goods into Gaza to allay Israeli security concerns.

It also calls for Abbas's Western-backed Palestinian Authority to take back control of Gaza, seven years after his loyalists were driven out of the territory by Hamas.

Gary Jonathan 2014/08/23 01:30:40 PM
I see you didn't bother to report on the four year Israeli old boy killed today by your beloved Palestinians
Mike Berger 2014/08/23 01:32:28 PM
Please publish pictures of the tunnels leading from Gaza into Israeli territory, how much they cost and the huge effort involved rather than building up Gaza after Israel departed leaving them millions of dollars worth of start-up equipment. While you are about it how about publishing sections of the Hamas Charter vowing to kill all Jews and to "take back" all territory by force. And also while you are about it please also publish details of every child and civilian beheaded and murdered by ISIS and in the Syrian civil war. Likewise with all suicide bombings across Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq over the past 5 years. Now that might provide some context for Israeli military actions. And don't forget just to mention Israeli precautions and the Hamas human shield strategy.
Banki Sun 2014/08/23 01:35:59 PM
News24, most people with more than a brain cell are growing tired biased and sloppy reporting. The boys name was Turgerman and we all know the figure of terrorists killed in this offensive is at least half of the total number killed. Why dont you report that the "collaborators" are usually people that are speaking out against Hamas? No trial, or evidence, just execution. Kind of like James Foley. Wake up and report about the Christian baby in Iraq who was cut in half today at the hands of ISIS. NO DOUBT the biggest problem the world faces right now. By continuing to report your bias and pathetic garbage on this Gaza conflict, youre taking peoples attention away from a horror we should all be fighting against. Useless.
Malose Nyatlo 2014/08/23 01:38:49 PM
Looks like Israel have no alternative - they have to keep riding the tiger!
Katlego William 2014/08/23 02:01:58 PM
I would like to ask the world and keen to know the answer. .who is the security and the eye of the nation because I thought the UN ( United nationa) is the only body to point a finger against those so called hooligans in Israel killing enocentt people for just they're well equipped with all sorts of weapons .when this will stop.or how many people must die before this can be attended. Is this a joke that Israel is the super power country when rated to killing people.
Katlego William 2014/08/23 02:05:21 PM
I would like to ask the world and keen to know the answer. .who is the security and the eye of the nation because I thought the UN ( United nationa) is the only body to point a finger against those so called hooligans in Israel killing enocentt people for just they're well equipped with all sorts of weapons .when this will stop.or how many people must die before this can be attended. Is this a joke that Israel is the super power country when rated to killing people.
Nithaam Moses 2014/08/23 02:07:28 PM
omw!!!!! how can u kill a 4 yr old child..... its not ok to kill israeli soldiers..
Mally Gee 2014/08/23 02:15:57 PM
There is no siege of Gaza. Goods and a large number of people pass in and out of the Strip, there is no siege. During the current war, medicine, fuel and aid enter freely; but in peacetime, commodities and consumer goods of every type are transferred daily from Israel to Gaza through the land crossing. There is a partial blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt in response to nterrorist attacks by Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and other Muslim fundamentalist groups in the Gaza Strip.The maritime blockade is legal under international U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon examined the maritime blockade. The U.N. panel found both the naval blockade and its enforcement, including in international waters, to be legal. This panel of experts emphasized that all assistance to Gaza should be transferred only through the designated land crossings."The panel also found that Israel had legitimate security concerns regarding violence by Hamas and that weapons trafficking to Gaza permitted Israel to enforce a naval blockade.
Alan Smith 2014/08/23 02:21:10 PM
Is there anything left of gaza? Those hamas rodents must be living in post apocalyptic underground warren.
All Nasir 2014/08/23 02:30:25 PM
Jewish state called Israel, has itself become an idolatrous GOLDEN CALF for the heartless apartheid Jews. The observing Jews must mourn the murder of Judaism at the hands of Israel. The justice being served to Palestinians is against the Laws of Torah: "eye for eye", which stood for proportionality and equality. All what is happening in this operation invasion, is point blank murder with no trail, no judge, no justice and full impunity from international Law. 67 years of presence of Israeli regiment has brought nothing but untold miseries for Palestinians, with forced land dispossession, millions of displaced refugees, subjugation and imprisonment. The Zionist concept of establishing a country of immigrants by displacing majority native inhabitants cannot logically flourish, no matter how protracted the occupation may get.