Jihadists kidnap dozens in north Iraq

Kirkuk - Jihadists kidnapped dozens of residents of a northern Iraq village on Thursday after villagers burned one of their positions along with the jihadist flag, police and witnesses said.

The militants of the Islamic State (ISIS) group had withdrawn from Tal Ali in Kirkuk province on Wednesday, but returned in force on Thursday and carried out the abductions, the sources said.

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Bob Van Wilder 2014/09/04 05:56:18 PM
kill these bloody people already. why are western countries not burning their flesh from their rotten bones.
Sean Mitchell 2014/09/04 06:53:12 PM
Holy Land. What superstitious humbug.
Alan Yates 2014/09/05 02:51:23 AM
@Sabeer, your disgusting, hateful and uncouth conment has no place in the world of the global struggle against Moslem Terrorists killing in the name of their "Allah God". For a good and at the same time, entertaining, insight into Moslems and their Mohammed/Allah (Mahound) led "Sunna/Ummah" behavior, read Salman Rushdie's "The Satanic Verses". No Moslem will ever tell me that Jesus is not God's Son in whom he is well pleased. Since the 7th Century after Christ's birth, Islam ideology of Moslems has been "raping" and violating the Christian, Hindu and Jewish (i.e. non-Moslem) world. From Spain thru Syria, Persia, Anatolia through middle east and Asia to Indonesia. Now the Moslems (like their Moslem rape gangs in Rotherham UK) are doing the same in the west (previously without many Moslems but now wracked by violence wherever too many Moslems are found). Moslems desecrated the Jewish Temple by building a Masjid on the ruins of the temple. They also desecrate Haga Sofia by refusing to restore it to Christ's Church.