Malaysia Airlines jet turns back due to 'pressure' woes

Kuala Lumpur - A Malaysia Airlines plane was forced to turn back due to pressure problems inside the aircraft after being in the air for almost an hour, a top aviation watchdog official said on Sunday

Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, director-general of the Department of Civil Aviation told AFP that the plane returned to Kuala Lumpur International Airport because it was unable to maintain the correct pressure inside the aircraft.

"It was not able to maintain the right pressure differential for the comfort of the passengers. It is not a major problem," he said.

Malaysia Airlines officials could not be reached for comment.

Meanwhile the Star Online reported that the Tokyo-bound flight was 50 minutes into its journey when it was forced to return to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport after taking off at 0250 GMT.

Passengers were subsequently transferred to another plane which departed at 0515 GMT, it said.

The flag carrier, which prior to this year had a good safety record, has been in the spotlight in the past six months following two aviation tragedies - the disappearance of flight MH370 on 8 March, and the shooting down of MH17 on 17 July while flying over rebel-held eastern Ukraine.

The two aviation tragedies killed 537 passengers.

Johnny Lawrence 2014/08/24 08:27:56 AM
You must me out of your mind still to fly on Malaysia airlines (;
NoAbsolutes 2014/08/24 08:36:52 AM
Next we'll have "Malaysia Airlines cabin attendant drops meal on floor". Are the press agencies going to report every little thing that goes wrong with the airline until its forced to close? In both disasters there's no indication that the airline was at fault, so what's this about?
johnny.modiba.9 2014/08/24 08:54:31 AM
You must be out of your mind for real, I'd rather drive a tractor my whole life instead of flying this airline
Paul Moulang 2014/08/24 09:35:29 AM
Recently, between PE and JNB, Khulula ( 737 lost cabin pressure and (past the point of no return) turned back to PE as JNB c/would not handle a low level emergency. We were left to our own devices to get a flight back to JNB. Nothing unusual about losing pressure, just fly at a lower altitude to reduce the differential!
Charlie Mdletshe 2014/08/24 09:37:18 AM
'The two aviation tragedies killed 537 passengers.' Who confirmed that mh370 passengers were killed?
Jamill Ahmed 2014/08/24 09:48:23 AM
This airline is suffering severly
Jamill Ahmed 2014/08/24 09:49:57 AM
Is somebody behind this???? All this is not normal for one airline company
Azana Booi 2014/08/24 10:21:48 AM
I'm thinking....Malaysia as a country is an Islamic State...are the recent so called Tragedies...REALLY tragedies???? With the religion and all?
Bento Maepa 2014/08/24 12:14:40 PM
Air Malaysia has become the same as our MiniBus Taxis.
Hauke Liefferink 2014/08/24 02:46:25 PM
Just make sure your flight number doesn't have 7 in it ...or MH...