Malaysian experts expected at MH17 crash site

Kiev - Malaysian experts were to visit the site of the downed flight MH17 in eastern Ukraine for the first time on Monday, joining Dutch and Australian police as they continued combing the area for remains.

"This is the first day that the Malaysians are joining the team", the Dutch security and justice ministry said in a statement, without giving any details about how many experts would be on the ground.

The Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), which has been monitoring the situation in Ukraine, tweeted however that the mission again had trouble accessing the site.

"International experts, have arrived in region of MH17 crash site but are remaining stationary pending further security assessments", it said.

The OSCE had said earlier its monitors were to visit the site "with 100+ experts and detector dogs".

"Long day ahead intensive work focused on recovery victim remains", it added.

Experts have been combing the rebel-controlled site in their effort to recover the remains and belongings of the 298 passengers and crew killed when the Malaysia Airlines jet, flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, was blown out of the sky on 17 July.

But the probe has been repeatedly delayed because of continued fighting in the region between government forces and pro-Moscow separatist fighters.

The United States says insurgents shot down the plane with a surface-to-air missile likely supplied by Russia but Moscow and the rebels blame the Ukrainian military.

So far, some 220 coffins have been flown back the Netherlands, which suffered the most casualties in the crash for the painstaking identification process.

Another plane carrying remains found over the past few days was set to fly from the government-held city of Kharkiv to the Netherlands on Monday afternoon.

"We expect that there will be more flights to the Netherlands in the near future", Pieter-Jaap Aalbersberg, head of the Dutch police mission, said onSunday.

Mark Harold Jones 2014/08/04 04:58:17 PM
What is interesting is that the dutch and australian investigators said today that at 11 am they could not access the site because of outgoing rebel artillery fire. First mortars from the one side of the site and then rockets from the other. They held back because they anticipated return fire although they say " to date we have seen no evidence of any damage to the site area from incoming fire".the area is still controlled by rebel forces. The dutch and australian investigators have so far been fairly objective and this wasn't cnn or rt. So where does this leave the commentators who said the ukrainians had shelled the site to destroy evidence and why would the rebels fire from the site, if not either to provoke return fire or because they know that the ukrainians dare not retaliate. So who is hiding the truth now. Clearly there is a lot of propaganda bull and assumption on both sides
Mark Russell 2014/08/04 09:02:22 PM
If there was no bombardment guys then why were the investigators stating that they could not get to the site due to artillery fire in the area. Jacob. ... I try and follow the evidence and it points to kiev being up to something. ..... You were happy with the USA blaming the Russians within hours of the incident and you saw no issue with that. Apply your reasoning in s balanced manner every now and then. I am suspicious of kiev because of their actions and not simply for the sake of being suspicious.
Thabani Mahlangu 2014/08/05 01:21:50 AM
What happened to the malasian plane that disappeared in march
Robert Pollabauer 2014/08/05 10:58:55 AM
Question ............ Is MH 17 not really MH 370 ? Pictures of MH17 at the airport do match up to what was found on the ground Bodies do not rot overnight, reports are that on the morning after the crash, people found rotting bodies