Man with 453 piercings denied entry to Dubai

Dubai - A Dubai nightclub that hoped to feature a man who holds the world record for having the most piercings, says he was refused entry to the Gulf city because of security concerns.

Cirque Le Soir said in an e-mailed statement on Sunday that the club did its best to get Rolf Buchholz into the country on Friday but their efforts were unsuccessful. The German man has 453 piercings, including many in his face and genitals, according to Guinness World Records.

Buchholz had been scheduled to appear at the nightclub in the Fairmont Hotel. The club opened in Dubai in 2011, and like a sister venue in London promises an over-the-top circus atmosphere to wow late-night partygoers.

Police and immigration officials at the airport did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Arthur Salvado 2014/08/17 04:35:15 PM
LE freak
Arthur Salvado 2014/08/17 04:35:16 PM
LE freak
Kobus Otto 2014/08/17 04:40:55 PM
Don't blame them....he then must be an agent of subversion. ...? Anyway..what exactly IS the point of these piercings?
LizDon Ferguson 2014/08/18 04:52:46 AM
Is this a picture of his face or his genitals? Ha ha ?
Jacques Nel 2014/08/18 07:57:11 AM
Can't believe how judgmental the readers are of this man, you smoke a cigarette he gets a piercing. So what? No one goes "man who drinks 25 beers a day should be denied entry to earth, what a freak", who gives you the right to decide on what the norms are?