Merkel presses Russia on peace with Ukraine

Kiev - German Chancellor Angela Merkel, on her first visit to Ukraine since the crisis there erupted early this year, pressed Moscow to engage on a peace plan with Kiev, saying success was not possible if only one side was interested in a diplomatic solution.

"There must be two sides to be successful. You cannot achieve peace on your own. I hope the talks with Russia will lead to success," said Merkel.

"The plans are on the table.. now actions must follow," said Merkel, adding that there also needed to be a ceasefire agreed with both sides.

Merkel, who has taken a lead role in mediating during the months-long crisis, said the main obstacle to a ceasefire between Ukraine forces and pro-Russian separatists battling in the east of the country was the lack of controls along the border between the two countries.

Western nations say they have ample evidence of arms being smuggled from Russia to the rebels, although Moscow has repeatedly denied this.

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VoxPopuli 2014/08/23 04:45:44 PM
"Western nations say they have ample evidence of arms being smuggled from Russia to the rebels," but keeps it to themselves
Hosni Mubar 2014/08/23 04:52:55 PM
Putin: the next Robert Mugabe with a military
Honeya Badger 2014/08/23 05:17:40 PM
You have to wonder why it has taken this long for the Chancellor to be the preeminent diplomat in this crisis rather than the goof-ball at no. 10 Downing street and his equally goofy friend across the Atlantic.
Kabelo Magadlela 2014/08/23 05:47:03 PM
Merkel let me educate you. Russia is not involve in the fight. The separatists are. Don't twist the truth.
dunkie56 2014/08/23 07:15:48 PM
Whaaat...!there can only be peace if both sides are prepared to talk...but but but Russia was the first one to suggest talks to sort out the differences and it was this "Willy wonker" idiot who only wanted to force the rebels to heel no matter what!One wonders if Russia can see any chance of any partnership whatsoever with this current crop of Western is utterly ridiculous what they sprout on a daily basis and Putin makes idiots of them every time..last case being the humanities aid just delivered...even the IRC look stupid after this latest debacle!
Mark Russell 2014/08/24 02:26:38 AM
How many agreements have already been brokered for peace that kiev has signed and then simply ignored and continued with their military action?
Fanie Kuhn 2014/08/24 11:28:45 PM
The Americans placed sanctions on Russia, but they were the ones who instigated a violent coup in Kiev with their USD 5 billion to "extend democracy" in a part of the world they had no business to be, and where NATO is swallowing one ex-Soviet bloc country after another after they promised at the fall of the USSR "not to advance one inch" (their words) into the ex-Soviet area. Russian military expenditure is 7% of NATO, what are the US looking for? The USA are the Nazis of today, just like Hitler, who was committed to either seizing resources or crashing his economy. The US is now in a race between crushing debt and control of other peoples' resources. Ukraine is just another American example of "turnover through war", a mass transfer of wealth from the US taxpayer to the military companies running into trillions, just like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and ISIS. The military-industrial complex has Congress in their pocket, it is so patently obvious that they look for an excuse for war wherever they can. And the result is always the same. Instead of recognising that for instance Saddam was the right man for Iraq, they now have chaos and 1 million dead. And the same chaos in every other country they interfered in. And the unintended consequences! First supported the Mujahedeen and Saddam against the Russians (and sold him gas weapons), who morphed into the Taliban and Al Qaeda, then they supported Al Qaeda in Syria, who morphed into ISIS and are taking over Iraq (cont'd
Fanie Kuhn 2014/08/24 11:32:46 PM
using American weapons given to them by the Americans. Either idiotic foreign policy, or a carefully orchestrated two-step (three-step) over decades turning groups from ally to enemy and back, all to ensure continuing military hardware turnover. Interesting, I read about one of their academics at MIT and "revolution technology", and also one of their strategies being "advantage through chaos".