Michelle Obama: Blood of Africa runs through my veins

Washington - First lady Michelle Obama embraced her family's African roots in a speech on Wednesday, telling a group of young Africans that the "blood of Africa" runs through her veins as she urged changing traditional beliefs on the worth of educating women.

Her husband had shied away from discussing his African heritage in his own remarks to the 500 Africans finishing a six-week Washington leadership fellowship on Monday, referencing his Kenyan father only once and in the question-and-answer session.

But Michelle Obama said as an African American woman, her discussion with the African youth was "deeply personal".

"The roots of my family tree are in Africa," the first lady told the cheering crowd. "My husband's father was born and raised in Kenya. Members of our extended family still live there. I have had the pleasure of travelling to Africa many times over the years, including four trips as first lady, and I have brought my mother and my daughters along whenever I can."

"The blood of Africa runs through my veins, and I care deeply," Obama said, addressing her listeners as her "brothers" and "sisters".

Three months before congressional elections that could determine the fate of much of President Obama's platform, Michelle Obama's popularity remains high while her husband's has sunk.

The White House is making women's empowerment a theme in a Washington African leaders summit next week.

Michelle Obama said problems with girls' education often stemmed from traditional "attitudes and beliefs" that exist even in the United States and lead to issues such as the gender pay gap and an underrepresentation of women in leadership.

She said men worldwide needed to "look into their hearts and souls and ask if they truly view women as their equals".

"I am who I am today because of the people in my family, particularly the men in my family, who valued me and invested in me from the day I was born," Obama said.

"And as I grew up, the men who raised me set a high bar for the type of men I'd allow into my life - which is why I went on to marry a man who had the good sense to fall in love with a woman who was his equal, to treat me as such - a man who supports and reveres me, and who supports and reveres our daughters as well," Obama said.

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Membaks Member 2014/07/30 10:02:43 PM
What a lady.
Amlino Jivan 2014/07/30 10:18:53 PM
Lets hope u not a specimen of ....
Wellington Nhakwaza 2014/07/30 10:34:14 PM
Its a hoax ,don't be fooled.
William Ronga 2014/07/30 10:39:04 PM
No ways , Really
Helen Sanya 2014/07/30 11:01:34 PM
I love this woman. Beauty and brains!
Sihle Zondie 2014/07/31 12:10:19 AM
Her husband promotes anarchy while she patronises those unfortunate young people. I have just seen pictures of Libya after Obama decided it needs "democracy". One day they will all pay for their sins
Nomusa Magwaza 2014/07/31 04:34:36 AM
Alab Mercy why nt give yo story directly to News24 , ain't nobody interested in yo scams!!!
Dennis van Aarde 2014/07/31 04:51:14 AM
Then Michelle show that Africa's blood runs through your veins and emigrate back to africa is that not the logical thing to do,you will not because you know starvation of yourself will be next
Idris Khan 2014/07/31 05:00:30 AM
If Barack and Michelle Obama really have the blood of Africa running through their veins then they have first hand experience of people taking advantage of the not so fortunate and would rather fight for real justice across the world. wherever the American government put their finger they screwed up the place big time. Look at iraq and libya for example. Mr Obama rather remove your forces and your nose from every country and let them do what they have to. If you don't only fortifies my statement that you are merely a puppet from Africa.
TaxStrike 2014/07/31 05:52:41 AM
... And then she gets into her limousine and drives back to her castle. Come live here darling. See what it's really like.