Months needed to repair facilities in Gaza: UN

Tehran - United Nations humanitarian chief Valerie Amos said on Sunday on a visit to Iran that it will take months to repair damage to the UN's infrastructure caused by the Israeli bombardment of Gaza.

"Damage to hospitals, schools and UNRWA shelters where people displaced sought refuge will take months to rebuild," she said, referring to the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees.

Amos was speaking to reporters at the start of a two-day visit for talks with Iranian officials on the humanitarian crises wreaked by conflicts in the Gaza Strip, Syria and Iraq.

"The UN response continues including deliveries of food, water and households goods. Medicines and fuel are being delivered to hospitals," she said.

A total of 97 UNRWA installations, including health and food distribution centres as well as schools, have been damaged in the war since 8 July between Israel and the Hamas movement which controls the Gaza Strip.

The conflict, in which an Egyptian-mediated ceasefire has taken effect, has killed almost 2 000 Palestinians, mostly civilians, and 67 on the Israeli side, almost all soldiers.

Amos noted the United Nations had made "strong statements" about "the violation of international humanitarian laws and human rights laws by all parties in Gaza".

Turning to Syria, she said that 11 million people were in need of humanitarian aid, including 241 000 living in areas under siege.

"Insecurity, fragmentation of armed groups and administrative obstacles imposed by the government hamper the delivery of humanitarian assistance," she said.

Amos welcomed the role played by Iran, a key ally of the Syrian government, and other countries with influence on the warring parties to gain access to conflict zones.

"This remains a work in progress because we still have substantial numbers of people that we are unable to reach," she said.

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Imraan Yusuf Gangat 2014/08/17 11:11:14 PM
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Mohamed Ameerodien 2014/08/17 11:30:30 PM
Thats awesome. Locally the same trend is emerging from local restaurants to cash n carries.
Sameer Agherdien 2014/08/18 06:24:42 AM
@kiss123 and derpyhooves, ok I'll be building a wall around ur house and only allowing u 1 glass of water per day do do everything with and only give you 5watts of power/day. After years of ur trying negotiate with me I tell u to stuff ur self. What would you do? And Kobus die trap op n Leeu Se stert is belaglik, rather say if you back chat an oppressor it gives him a reason to oppress even more !
Michael Ndalama Mwale 2014/08/18 06:47:07 AM
Iran must pay for the repairs because it is the one that supplys Hamas with rockets.
David Luis 2014/08/18 06:50:54 AM
next time keep terrorist and rockets out of them.
David Luis 2014/08/18 06:52:24 AM
Kiss123, there are over a million Muslims who live quite happily as equal citizens in the only democratic country in the middle easst - Israel.
Ashia Saban 2014/08/18 09:34:44 AM
It really saddens me to see how VERY FEW of you are agreeing with innocent children being bombed to mince. All they want is there freedom and they will never stop until they get it!!! Hamas will send missiles until the PALESTINIANS HAVE FREEDOM and they are going to win! That is sadly the only way of getting the world's attention to help them in their fight for freedom, and also, its not about being a mulsim, a jew, christian or whatever religion, its about the good versing the bad!!!! Not all Israels are the same and not all muslims are the same etc... you get the good and the bad and the Zionists are the monsters!! CAN'T YOU ALL SEE THE PICTURE????
Jacqui Daane Van Rensburg 2014/08/18 09:58:22 AM
So donor countries start providing the money to rebuild, til the next time these two neigbours go crazy and you can start all over again.
Somerset Morkel 2014/08/18 12:45:18 PM
It has been proven that UN facilities have been used to hide terrorist armament and ammo. So blame yourself when you get hammered. And do not expect sympathy.
Makhulu Zulu 2014/08/18 02:22:13 PM
No pictures of the supposedly 3000 rockets hitting Israel. Makes me wonder how gullible these zionists think we are. Israel must pay for the rebuilding of power station, schools, etc. BDSSouthAfrica. Boycott. Divest. Sanctions on Israel.