Netanyahu: Hamas won none of its demands in truce

Jerusalem - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday that Islamist foe Hamas had achieved none of its demands in a truce ending 50 days of deadly conflict in Gaza.

"Hamas was hit hard and got none of its demands," Netanyahu said at a news conference in Jerusalem, his first comments since the ceasefire went into effect on Tuesday evening.

"Hamas wanted a port and airport in Gaza, the liberation of Palestinian prisoners, the mediation of Qatar and Turkey and the payment of salaries for its employees.

"But it got nothing."

The seven-week conflict claimed the lives of at least 2 140 Palestinians, more than 70% of them civilians according to the United Nations, and 64 soldiers and six civilians on the Israeli side.

"Hamas has not suffered such a defeat since its creation. We destroyed attack tunnels, killed nearly 1 000 enemy combatants, including senior officials in the movement, destroyed thousands of rockets and hundreds of command posts," Netanyahu said.

Both sides' guns fell silent at 16:00 GMT on Tuesday, with Israel agreeing to ease restrictions on the movement of people and goods into and out of Gaza, and allow fishing boats up to six nautical miles offshore.

The sides have yet to agree on other issues, such as the freeing of Palestinian prisoners held by Israel in exchange for militants handing over the remains of Israeli soldiers killed in the fighting.

Negotiations are also yet to take place on Hamas's key demand for a Gaza seaport and airport.

"We have agreed to help reconstruct the territory for humanitarian reasons, but only under our control," Netanyahu said.

"It's still too early to know if the calm has returned in the long term," he warned.

"We won't tolerate any firing on Israel, and our response will be even stronger."

Mally Gee 2014/08/27 10:04:02 PM
I can understand the citizens of Gaza celebrating the truce, but I cannot understand why they voted in these murderous terrorists in the first pace. Hamas has been nothing but a selfish bunch of terrorists interested in their own gains only.
Jonathan Fisher 2014/08/27 10:59:30 PM
I still can't get over a previous article that had me in stitches about Hamas claiming victory! I'm not sure why news24 closed the comments but it brought to mind Monty Python and the funniest joke in the world skit. Perhaps they feared the comments section would coax fatal laughter. Death by silliness
Mambo Jambo 2014/08/28 02:31:34 AM
From stones throwing to rocket fire power hamas has crashed zionist invincibility hallucinations and their grandeur syndrome. the palestinian resistance against occupation will grow more stronger,zionist israel will never be the same, until it shrinks and disappear for ever.
JK101 2014/08/28 07:00:34 AM
"Payment of salaries for its employees". Hahahahaha! Since when should a foreign country pay the salaries of a terrorist organisation that hates it. They are deluded.
Mambo Jambo 2014/08/28 07:58:11 AM
Hammas has hammered the hell out of israhell inspired by hezbullah,beaten left,right and center time for zionists to relocate in USA california were they belong.
Darren Marcus 2014/08/28 10:09:08 AM
I've also noticed how these defenders of Islam operate , just like those underground tunnels cowards , they wait for everyone to write there comments and are Finnished with the article to then only write there brainwash ! So they don't get 100 thumbs down ! Wow cowards are an understatement