Obama opens Gay Games with surprise message

Cleveland - President Barack Obama has helped kick off the international Gay Games in Cleveland with a surprise video message shown at the opening ceremonies.

Obama welcomed athletes, coaches, families and spectators from around the world to Ohio and the United States as the event began on Saturday night.

The president said the United States has come a long way in its commitment to equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. He also noted that some athletes come from places where publicly acknowledging their sexual orientation can put them at risk.

He affirmed the United States' commitment to standing "with you and for your human rights".

Performers Lance Bass and the Pointer Sisters also helped kick off the weeklong games. About 8 000 people are registered to participate.

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Tomorrowss Dreamss 2014/08/10 07:40:21 PM
Who did he massage?
Phillip Sebola 2014/08/10 07:46:20 PM
that's it!
Richard Lemmer 2014/08/10 07:48:44 PM
The world is a real sick place. !!!!
Brian Isham 2014/08/10 07:55:25 PM
I'm a firm believer in equal rights for the LGBT community but this is silly. What next? An International lingerie fetish games? Gays are people just like the rest of us and should compete with other people. This is gays being discrimanatory.
Saffa 2014/08/10 08:13:29 PM
Cheech 2014/08/10 08:20:58 PM
What a bunch of crap....gay games...really? If you want equal rights shut up about your fixation & join the normal games.....promise we won't know. Unless you go prancing down the 100m....mind you in the weightlifting ladies there's potential?
Raymon McNelly 2014/08/10 08:32:48 PM
ISIL is killing Christians by the hundreds and NOBama concerns himself with the 'Gay Games'! NObama is gay because he's married to a transvestite, Michael. Someone, get rid of this incompetent sodomite in the Whitehouse!
Peter Lerner 2014/08/10 08:35:01 PM
Holding games for Heterosexuals will probably be politically incorrect I presume. I can just see the rioting!
Peter Lerner 2014/08/10 08:36:05 PM
Holding games for Heterosexuals will probably be politically incorrect I presume. I can just see the rioting!
Wehr Wulf 2014/08/10 08:37:18 PM
Gay Games? Stupidest idea ever. If gays want acceptance then they need to stop separating themselves from society as a special interest group. I suppose it would be acceptable to have the Straight Games now? As for Obama, thousands are being massacred in Iraq, Syria and he's concerned with a sporting activity. Pathetic.