Obama signs $225m funding for Israel's Iron Dome

Washington - US President Barack Obama has signed a bill granting an additional $225m in US taxpayer dollars for Israel's Iron Dome missile defence system.

The defence system has been highly effective in the current round of violence between Israel and Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip.

It allows Israel's military to shoot down incoming rockets or mortars headed toward major population centers in Israel. Israeli officials say it has a success rate as high as 90%.

The US has provided hundreds of millions of dollars for Iron Dome in the past. The new package is intended to replenish Israel's capabilities.

Congress approved the money last week before lawmakers left for their annual summer break. Obama signed the bill late on Monday in the Oval Office with a handful of photographers present.

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Victor Fedrick 2014/08/05 06:14:04 AM
Things ain't getting any better soon.
Finya Ngendololwane 2014/08/05 06:21:07 AM
Countries do not have friends, they have interests. Russia does not want NATO in their doorstep they may also end up finding Ukrainian separatist fighters and nicely distabalise Kiev regime.
Nico Ratsela 2014/08/05 06:34:48 AM
Looks like America enjoy war they dont want it to end anytime soon
Renegade 2014/08/05 06:38:36 AM
USA = Israel's big brother!! I wonder why ????
Tshaga Tetelo 2014/08/05 06:39:06 AM
Is USA encouraging war in the middle east and accept the many civilians killed by Israel, including those who were hiding in the united nations schools.
Aaldert Oosthuizen 2014/08/05 06:44:44 AM
So that is what MASS MURDER GO FOR THESE DAYS:::::
Bob Shawcroft 2014/08/05 06:50:20 AM
I like how everyone is getting upset because israel is trying to defend itself. Note how they are all Muslims?
Irfaan Dalvie 2014/08/05 07:04:56 AM
Hmmmm.....victor, finya, nico, tshaga, aaldert don't sound muslim to me. But more importantly, you've gone and made this - like many other ignoramuses - a muslim religious issue. You need to remove those blinkers and realise this is pure political, land, economic, nationalization matter. Using religion as a cover is merely an emotional distraction for the masses who have personal, uneducated vendettas. Time for u and cronies like david, robert fourie etc to educate yourselves rather. Thx mate
Sisie Indola 2014/08/05 07:15:15 AM
I guess that pissed off a lot of people
Finya Ngendololwane 2014/08/05 07:17:27 AM
Sometimes when parents don't want their unbearable children anymore what do you they do? They simply send them to the furthest universities or colleges and fund them away from home. Unfortunately the infantalisation and dependence always stick like superglue.