PM: Palestinian Authority role in Gaza important

Jerusalem - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday that Israel was cooperating with the Palestinian Authority and that it was important the PA had a role to play in the Gaza Strip.

"We are cooperating with the Palestinian Authority on matters you have raised," he told a news conference when asked about reconstruction in the war-battered enclave run by the Islamist movement Hamas.

"We are prepared to see a role for them... I think it's important for the reconstruction of Gaza," the Israeli premier added.

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Imran Vorajee 2014/08/06 10:00:41 PM
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Sviatoslav Igorevich 2014/08/06 11:12:51 PM
Zionist Israel may be winning in this shameful genocide with regards to a mightier us funded military but they are definitely loosing the global media battle.. the world no longer believes israels lies. the world is starting to turn its back against israel. The USA will eventually follow suit.. if i were an israeli i would realize the dangerous path israeli zionist leaders are taking all jews into and for the sake of a jewish future i would demand an end to this zionist madness.. israelis must wake up before its too late.