Poland bars overflight by Russian minister

Moscow - Poland has refused permission for a plane carrying Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu to fly through its airspace while attempting to return from a visit to Slovakia, RIA news agency said on Friday.

RIA said the minister's plane turned around and landed back in the Slovak capital Bratislava.

The reason for the reported incident was unclear. Poland has been one of the countries most critical of Russia's actions in the Ukraine crisis, accusing it of aggression against its neighbour.

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Anmh Polk 2014/08/29 07:26:04 PM
Well done - bravo, Poland - for standing up to the Russian bullies. Everyone always seems to blame America for being a bully. So why so little blame apportioned to Russia when it invades the Crimea and Ukraine? Why?
Diana Gill 2014/08/29 07:34:07 PM
Sour grapes or should I say rotten apples?
Diana Gill 2014/08/29 07:49:11 PM
Hey Waldo why do you feel a need to discuss female genitals under an article not related to sex at all? Haven't seen any in your life?
David Jones 2014/08/29 08:43:57 PM
I don't know what Putin thinks about this but right now he is comparing Kiev's drive to take cities in the east of Ukraine to the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union in World War Two. It is very dangerous to cross Russians at this time
Mark Russell 2014/08/30 05:52:02 AM
The Apple eating campaign has turned from smiles to frowns in Poland. After eating apples for a month or so it loses its appeal. Russia your played the EU completely. Polands blow job from the USA had ended in teeth.... That is what happens when you blindly follow orders from the world's largest weapons dealers with the world's worst human rights records.
Moses Phillip Maruwati 2014/08/30 07:53:10 AM
Poland is alright
Bob Mearly 2014/08/30 07:55:59 AM
Well done Poland, all those supporting Russia support armed invasions of other countries. Ukraine is an independent country being invaded by one of the so called super powers and you think this is okay?
Nathania Goosen 2014/08/30 09:35:32 AM
I always thought the polish president is stupid. Winter is coming and when it comes to gas they need Russia, i know the polish people hate the Russian's. There is a saying keep friends close but your enemies even closer.