Police arrest two for singing 'Death to Jews'

The Hague - Dutch police have arrested two people for allegedly chanting "Death to the Jews" at a pro-Palestinian demonstration, the public prosecutor's office said on Thursday.

"They are suspected of inciting violence against people of a specific belief or race", the prosecutor's office said in a statement after the men, both aged 32, were arrested early on Thursday.

The Hague mayor Jozias van Aartsen has been hit by a wave of criticism for failing to act against alleged anti-Semitism at two pro-Gaza demonstrations earlier this month amid Israel's withering offensive on the enclave.

The arrests came in connection with the second demonstration on 21 July, during which some protesters carried black flags associated with Islamist militants, including the Islamic State that has proclaimed a "caliphate" encompassing parts of Syria and Iraq.

An Arabic-speaking policeman reportedly said at the time that "no lines were crossed", while video footage emerged of people chanting "Death to the Jews" in Arabic.

"The prosecutor's office and two interpreters watched images from the demonstration, the two interpreters independently translated words that would be punishable", the prosecutor's statement said.

The Simon Wiesenthal Centre wrote to Van Aartsen earlier this week saying he may have contravened Dutch anti-terrorism legislation by allowing demonstrators to carry the jihadist flags.

The letter expressed "shock at your authorisation, on two occasions, of demonstrations in the Hague, calling for 'the death of Jews'".

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DerekMain 2014/07/31 01:28:33 PM
And yet they have no problem saying "kill Palestinians"? WTF?!
Scott Myers 2014/07/31 01:47:33 PM
Derek, Hamas has killed those women and children by firing rockets from residential areas. What do you expect Israel to do? Just sit there and be shelled until Hamas run out of rockets?
Saud Abrahams 2014/07/31 02:31:32 PM
Millions of Jews are actually protesting against the Zionist Israeli state. Those fools are misguided. Disgrace to chant death to followers of any religion
Makhulu Zulu 2014/07/31 03:11:07 PM
They made a huge mistake. Should replace jew with zionist. Zionist is a terrorist.
Binte Maya 2014/07/31 04:57:26 PM
The other view... remember this.. ppl of those times were very different from today.. much more matured in age etc.. besides that although she was married to the prophet peace be upon him at a young age of 6.. she only lived with him at 9... he treated her with love and respect..he used to race with her just like you would do with a child... Aaisha was the youngest wife when he passed away.at 18. she was the most learned.. and loved the prophet deeply.. today you see 10 year old girls trying to behave like teens.. watching the most obcene music videos.. dating etc... yet they have a problem with a marriage that was performed consensually and happily by both parties... if you look beyond your hate.. you will be able to understand the beauty of islam.. for those who fail to understand.. may your eyes open up one day.. if not.. to u b ur way and to me mine.. all the best hey
Binte Maya 2014/07/31 07:59:10 PM
We talking 1400 years ago Billy... no court of law... tradition of both Muslims and non muslims.. study ur history and cultures and then cum back to comment.. good luck
Martha Pezu 2014/07/31 09:05:51 PM
Well done!
Binte Maya 2014/07/31 09:29:48 PM
He was in his 50s...and it was not out of lust as he remained with his 1st wife for many years.. it was only after her demise that he re married others.. most widows. I am glad you are curious.. Please read up about islam and the lifestyle of the prophet peace be upon him... remember no1 was against the marriage.. muslims n non muslim.. it is because it was a practise amongst many in those days... so yes it did happen.. she loved him dearly and due to her young age was able to memorise a great amount of knowledge pertaining to islam.. she then taught others after his demise...she was 18 when he passed away