Putin orders Russia govt response to sanctions

Moscow - Russian President Vladimir Putin says he has ordered the government to develop measures in response to Western sanctions.

Putin, in a meeting with state officials in the city of Voronezh on Tuesday, did not specify what the measures might be but said: "I have given the order today to formulate them," Russian news agencies reported.

Russia has been hit by an array of increasingly strong sanctions by the United States and the European Union that seek to punish Russia for its annexation of the Ukrainian region of Crimea and alleged support of separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine.

Putin said the measures must be carefully designed to avoid affecting Russian consumers.

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Joe Mangena 2014/08/05 08:09:54 PM
Hit them HARD Mr. Putin
Koos Luerre 2014/08/05 08:11:08 PM
This thug has - and is still providing the weapons and support for the genocide in Syria. What a despicable character...
VoxPopuli 2014/08/05 08:28:14 PM
Everyday we have to read of how bad Putin is to distract from the fact that Poroshenko has killed over a 1000 civilians in the east......
Nolenga Skosana 2014/08/05 08:37:54 PM
What ever action you take team up with all BRICKS members. Never leave them behind. The US and EU are serous about ruling the world. Proof! Look around you. Look towards Israel. Your friend
Mark Russell 2014/08/05 08:56:43 PM
Great! Certainly time for a response.
Finya Ngendololwane 2014/08/05 09:06:16 PM
Luckily Russia is not neighboring Israel. Otherwise Benji and formidable IDF would have turned Kremlin into rubble.
Motofogo Mulilo 2014/08/05 09:15:21 PM
Its now getting interesting. I wonder what China thinks of all this?
Armand Fouche 2014/08/05 09:17:21 PM
Hendri stop believing the western propaganda, Russia has an leader that won't lie down that looks after his country and is extremely intelligent
Hendri Du Toit 2014/08/05 09:38:14 PM
Armand, only a weak leader respond to situations like Putin does. I don't see Western countries cracking down on journalists or any political activists the same way Putin does. What does he have to fear? You can even pick up articles regarding it on the Russian Propaganda channels you subscribe to. Do you still believe a word Putin says after the farce he pulled in Crimea? Basically admitting he was lying? I was watching a interview with the Russian ambassador to the UN. He was admitting Russia needs to alter information to suit the view of his country. Is that western propaganda?
Andre James 2014/08/05 09:41:59 PM
Funny how western media is conveniently silent on the largest ever gas and energy trade deal signed by Russia and China last month. Russia has also signed several reactor development deals in Putins recent visit to South America. And lets not forget that Europe is heavily dependant on Russian gas. So all in all I think Russia isnt really too bothered with Western sanctions although western mass media would have us think otherwise.