Russia massing troops on Ukraine border

Pristina - Nato's top commander said on Wednesday that Russia was "increasing" the number of troops and weaponry along the border with Ukraine.

"The number of troops along the [Ukrainian] border is increasing. It is well over 12 000," General Philip Breedlove told reporters at the end of his one day visit to Kosovo, where he inspected the alliance's peacekeeping mission.

"The number of battalion task groups, specials, Spetznaz [special forces] units, air defence units, artillery units are all increasing," he said.

According to Breedlove, the supreme allied commander of Nato, the Russian weaponry contingents deployed to the crisis area includes "every kind of weapon, supplies, man portable weapons, field weapons, armoured vehicles, all of the weapons."

"We watch the materials move from inside the central military district of Russia to the area of Rostov, where they are assembled, met, trained, moved towards the border, and then we see them across the border being employed in the Ukraine," Breedlove said.

In mid-July Nato sounded the alarm over a Russian build-up on the border to up to 12 000 after a drop-off to fewer than 1 000 in June.

The European Union and the United States have imposed harsh new sanctions against Russia, targeting the finance, defence and energy sectors to increase the cost to Russia of its intervention in Ukraine.

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Michael Mooney 2014/07/30 06:25:41 PM
Meddling russki pests ....get a life ..The cccp is no more comrades
Mark Russell 2014/07/30 06:25:46 PM
A bit if media dejavu! Funny that the OSCE just cleared Russia if any troop build up or abnormalities along its Ukraine border. Please present the all evasive evidence
Mashai Joannes 2014/07/30 06:30:46 PM
Vladimir putin is no small boy.he is blatantly showing them his middle finger and I wonder how wil dro(ne)bama respond this time.
Riaan Kotze 2014/07/30 06:37:54 PM
Now where the "frickels' are the Israel haters. Russia to much for their stomach? Hypocrites!!!
Evans Brandon Tshuma 2014/07/30 06:41:18 PM
Things are gonna get really messy one of these days.
Solly Dube 2014/07/30 07:12:21 PM
And nato didn't notice the shipment of weapons of mass destruction from america to israel. Did nato finish their war in iraq and Afghanistan. What a bunch of cowards
niccarr 2014/07/30 07:37:00 PM
They rotate the troops there constantly. 12,000 is really nothing to write about.
Mark Russell 2014/07/30 08:28:11 PM
@riaan kotze what are you talking about? WTH does gaza have to do with Ukraine. You just won the mental potato award.
Siboniso Ncube 2014/07/30 09:22:57 PM
Woza World War 3
Billy Hewie 2014/07/30 09:32:46 PM
There are at least 3 'troubles' in the world today,that can spiral into something much larger.The (McCains friends ISIS in Iraq & Syria), American backed Nazi coup government in Ukraine happily going on with their genocide, and Gaza. The common denominator here is USA,and we are made to believe Putin is the next antichrist. Ya right.