Russia warns Ukraine against joining Nato

Moscow - Ukraine's renewed drive to join Nato risks derailing progress made towards reaching a ceasefire and peace deal to end the conflict in the east of the country, Russia's foreign minister said on Thursday.

"Just when approaches are being explored to start resolving concrete problems between Kiev and the rebels, Kiev has called for ending its non-aligned status and beginning joining Nato," said Sergei Lavrov.

"This is an obvious attempt to derail efforts to start a dialogue on ensuring national security," Lavrov was quoted as saying by Russian news agencies.

He added Russia hopes that Kiev and the rebels would take on board a seven-point peace plan suggested by President Vladimir Putin when they meet on Friday for talks in Minsk.

Lavrov's comments came as Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko was set to address Nato leaders at a summit in Wales.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said last week that he would ask parliament to drop the country's non-alignment policy and endorse a Nato membership bid.

Such a move would rile Russia, which has demanded that Ukraine remain neutral.

Nato offered Ukraine full membership in 2008, when Russia went to war against another former Soviet state, Georgia, but in 2010 then president Viktor Yanukovych opted for a non-aligned policy.

Knormoer Dwarstrek 2014/09/04 02:17:37 PM
Putin must keep the dogs of war away from his front door - at all costs!
Cecil Roars 2014/09/04 02:18:49 PM
The problem is Russia here andsurely not the West. Ukraine has a right to choose to belong to either Russia, NATO or remain neutral. Russia, it is obvious now that you are supporting the rebels. As evidenced by your 7 point plan Russia is the force behind the rebels.
Tendai Chikotora 2014/09/04 03:10:21 PM
Why the west want to be on door step of Russians? USA was mourning when Russians had military hardware in Cuba surely its the crazy west at fault.
Diana Gill 2014/09/04 03:29:33 PM
The Us are hellbent on moving their bases to the Russian doorstep. What about their promises not to expand eastward? But no, they are the masters of their word, they can give it and comfortably take it back.
Tendai Chikotora 2014/09/04 04:09:46 PM
Where ever they go USA and its NATO allies in the name of liberating they leave more chaos than it was, look at Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq.These people I tell they were better off with their toppled leaders. Poroshenko your people will be left deeply divided.
dunkie56 2014/09/04 04:10:28 PM
Go Russia throw down the gauntlet..let these NATO clowns show what they are actually worth...give it to them Viva Russia Viva.Time to put idiots into their proper place..enough already!
dunkie56 2014/09/04 04:12:00 PM
Russian soldiers are worth three times as much as NATO clowns...bring it on NATO time for you to go away!
dunkie56 2014/09/04 10:44:32 PM
Ban me I am sick and tired of your unfair comment are unfair and one day people like you will not be able to have such a news forum...BAN ME NOW PLEASE it is a waste of time posting on this forum!!!I will post this on facebook so others can agree with what I am saying..BAN me please..and exercise you little power you think you have who needs you!!!
Ryan Smith 2014/09/05 02:23:16 PM
@Dunkie56...the days of conventional war are long gone. Russia's military comparatively, these all talk no game. Hence Putin's panic stricken attempt to stop the US's new star wars project. Let's not even mentions Russia's never ending sinking submarines, purchasing of war ships from france and a completely obsolete air force. And then, the most obvious questions, how will Russia keep not only its army fed, but its general public living in Moscow and st.petersburg who have become very used to a western 1st world standard of living and not the stalinistic version of the 20's and 30's. Again, the days of Russia fighting a war against the Nazi's throwing man power at the problem as the solution to victory, all the while producing weapons out of reach from Nazi bombers are long gone. Russia, to put it simply, is Moscow and st.petersburg. Two cities, that, in all reality, could be wiped out with 1 flyover of nato airpower. Beyond that, Russia is a headless snake. Putin is a crook, Obama is just genuinely incompetent. I believe both parties are at fault. Although I support the Ukraine in their right to join the EU and/or Nato which is at the heart of this entire conflict, the west should have known better than to tempt fate with this alignment.
Norman Stansfield 2014/09/06 03:16:49 PM
Hosni is a retard with a keyboard who is married to his sister and think Obama is his uncle.