Russia's Lavrov urges US to talk sense

Moscow - Russia said on Tuesday that Ukraine's moves to join Nato were aimed at undermining efforts to end the war in the east of the country, and called on Washington to use its influence and "talk sense" into Kiev.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Kiev's initiative to seek Nato membership came shortly after a meeting of the Russian and Ukrainian leaders to seek to resolve the conflict between the Ukrainian government and pro-Russian separatist rebels.

"So the party of peace was trying, and is still trying, to advance a negotiated political settlement of all the fundamental questions Ukrainians face, and in Kiev, the party of war is taking steps clearly aimed at undermining these efforts," he told a news conference.

"Support for the strengthening of the party of war in Kiev is actively being fuelled and stirred up by Washington and certain European capitals."

He added: "The most important thing is the need to talk sense into the party of war in Kiev, and in large part only the United States can do this."

Ukraine and its Western allies accuse Russia of helping the rebels by arming them and sending in tanks and troops, something Moscow denies.

Russia can take Kiev in two weeks

Italy's La Repubblica reported this week that Russian President Vladimir Putin had told European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso: "If I want to, I can take Kiev in two weeks", though a Kremlin aide said on Tuesday those comments, if they were actually made, were taken out of context.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk said on Friday his government would ask parliament to abandon Ukraine's non-aligned status and set the country on a course to seek to become a member of US-led Nato military alliance.

Lavrov noted that Russian, Ukrainian and rebel officials had exchanged documents outlining their positions at talks in Belarus on Monday, and said the very fact they had met was important. More talks are due on Friday.

He said he hoped the talks in Minsk would be an example of seeking a solution through compromise, not by "imposing one's point of view".

Mashai Joannes 2014/09/02 06:14:44 PM
Of course if kremlin wants kiev,she cn take it within 2 weeks.kremlin s stance on the fighting btwn rebels and kiev has been one of diplomatic and conciliatory role.putin has been lobbying for dialogue to try to resolve the crisis in east ukraine all this time and everytime he tries to help ,the chocolate guy pushes him away bcos of bad advise he gets from his newly found friends.
Lawrence Wilson 2014/09/02 06:27:19 PM
I haven't heard of Ukraine arming rebels within Russia, or sending troops into Russia... Just whom is the "Party of War" again?
Xolani Ndimba 2014/09/02 07:16:49 PM
I thought the US would stay out of the USSR territories, while Russia stays out of Cuba.
Mark Russell 2014/09/02 07:56:18 PM
What happened to these Russian troops that took lugansk air port? Still no proof provided at all
Xolani Ndimba 2014/09/02 08:04:22 PM
Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and now Syria are now unstable and killing fields. Pakistan, in which Binladen had been enjoying his retirement from public life has never been bombed. The US/West should rather focus on resolving these problems they have created.
Sean Mitchell 2014/09/02 08:14:51 PM
Dammit everybody. Calm down. This is really serious.
Karim Esakala 2014/09/02 08:17:04 PM
Ukraine really needs a big bad bear for it to join NATO! Haga! Its all about the economy stupid!!! Hide Porosheno Hide! The west will not save ukraine from its stupid corrupt past governments!!
Donovan Hurn 2014/09/02 08:30:41 PM
USSR does not exist anymore
Mhlts Petrus 2014/09/02 09:37:19 PM
28+1 against 1,america need allies,russia stand alone,who is the coward?
Mark Russell 2014/09/02 11:24:38 PM
@donovan hurn??? Really? I'm boring you with my requests for proof? You just won the mental potato award. You would rather take action based on extremely biased sources that have been shown to lie constantly and your action would certainly result in Other human beings being killed. You could be a really great guy but I'm not seeing any proof of that at all.