Saudi beheaded for torturing his toddler to death

Riydah - A Saudi man was beheaded on Tuesday for torturing and beating his two-year-old boy to death, the interior ministry said.

Maqbul bin Madi al-Sharari hit his son Mohammed "repeatedly with a cane on the back of his head and the rest of his body," the ministry said in a statement carried by SPA state news agency.

He also punched the toddler in the face repeatedly and "burned him in different parts of his body, torturing him several times, which led to his death," the ministry said.

Sharari's execution in the northern Jawf region, brings to 18 the number of death sentences carried out this year in the ultra-conservative kingdom.

Saudi Arabia beheaded 78 people in 2013, according to an AFP count.

Last year, the UN High Commission for Human Rights denounced a "sharp increase in the use of capital punishment" there since 2011.

According to rights group Amnesty International, the number of executions rose from 27 in 2010, including five foreigners, to 82 in 2011, including 28 foreigners.

In 2012, the number of executions dipped slightly to 79, among them 27 foreigners.

Rape, murder, apostasy, armed robbery and drug trafficking are all punishable by death under Saudi Arabia's strict version of Islamic sharia law.

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Andrew Terr 2014/08/05 05:27:06 PM
That's how you do it.Lose your mind you lose your head.
James Uknow 2014/08/05 05:29:51 PM
sharp increase in death sentence ,doesnt seem to be working ,should have first tortured this sick bastard
Bruwer 2014/08/05 05:30:18 PM
I can live with this law
FUZZY 2014/08/05 05:38:27 PM
I guess id South Africa had to have this punishment the human rights will step in.
Sugan Moodley 2014/08/05 05:46:59 PM
My heart go's out to that child to have been born into an undeserving family. I pray that he resting in the arms of the lord.
Gaeleen 2014/08/05 05:57:06 PM
Pity SA doesn't do this to abusers
Fluffy 2014/08/05 06:31:06 PM
Audrey Pearl Meyer 2014/08/05 07:49:15 PM
I hope he is now burning in hell
Nin Ja Kitty 2014/08/05 08:54:53 PM
They should rather have tortured him before the beheading.
Valerie van der Nest 2014/08/05 09:02:15 PM
In south africa we protect our criminals because they have rights.... Sad but true