Slain US journalist Sotloff had Israeli citizenship

Jerusalem - Steven Sotloff, a US journalist beheaded by ISIS militants, also held Israeli citizenship, Israel said on Wednesday after apparently withholding the information in a bid to stem the risks to the captive.

"Cleared for publication: Steven Sotloff was #Israel citizen RIP," tweeted Paul Hirschson, a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem.

ISIS, an insurgent group active in Syria and Iraq, on Tuesday published footage of Sotloff's execution, which it called retaliation for US air strikes. The video was authenticated by the White House on Wednesday.

Sotloff's death was extensively covered by Israeli media, which identified the 31-year-old reporter as Jewish and an occasional contributor having withheld such observations since Islamic State announced he could be killed two weeks ago.

"We refused to acknowledge any relationship with him in case it was dangerous for him," said Avi Hoffman, editor of the Jerusalem Report magazine, which had published Sotloff's work.

The Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, quoting a former fellow captive, said Sotloff had kept his Judaism a secret from the Islamist insurgents, pretending he was sick when he fasted for the Yom Kippur holiday.

Israeli media reports said the US-born Sotloff immigrated to Israel in 2005 and studied at the Interdisciplinary Centre Herzliya, a private college near Tel Aviv.

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Grant Montgomery854 2014/09/03 02:56:38 PM
Perhaps now the IS will be sorted. The Israelies don't mess about.
Archie Dempster 2014/09/03 03:05:09 PM
Hide your face you coward
Christina Setloboko 2014/09/03 03:22:22 PM
This people are just so heartless, even the devil does not want them.
alan32 2014/09/03 03:22:45 PM
This upsets me, why the Jews again. When Israel gets involved and they will, the world WILL condem again. Just like Gaza (Hamas) and Lebanon (Hezbolah) before. When will the world learn that extreme Islam is terror not known to the West on a general populas scale. Septemer 11 is only an example of what is to come and what Israel goes through. Kenya and Nigeria ARE examples of what can go wrong with extreme Islam, but the World will not listen. Islam is a religion of Peace, I am not certain where this extremism is comming from but what is certain is that when Israel get involved the World Condems
Kholekile Nyati 2014/09/03 03:33:17 PM
That hidden fact alone, must have sealed his fate from the beginning. Now, the Israeli government is going to take this as a personal affront and release the (reluctantly leashed) dogs of war...
Hank Shizmeister 2014/09/03 04:30:12 PM
Oh... so no loss then...
Ada Akira 2014/09/03 05:37:03 PM
Find the families of these terrorists and behead them
Makhulu Zulu 2014/09/03 06:35:43 PM
Excellent. Finally two real terrorists ... Israel and IS can battle it out.