Tens of thousands rally for Gaza in London

London - Tens of thousands of people have turned out in central London to protest the bombing of Gaza.

Large crowds of protesters marched through the British capital's busy West End shopping area on Saturday, passing the US Embassy before descending on Hyde Park for a rally.

Many waved placards and the Palestinian flag, chanting "Free, Free Palestine!"

Saturday's rally came as Britain's Disasters Emergency Committee said its appeal for donations to help people affected by the conflict in Gaza has raised more than $7.5m in under 24 hours.

Israeli airstrikes and militant rocket fire continued Saturday after a three-day cease-fire ended Friday.

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Paul Mark Maarman 2014/08/09 09:42:40 PM
Political Fact, Cameron and his coalition needs every single vote come 2015 to secure a majority, UK silence/inaction when it comes to Gaza is starting to become a political liability...and no politician likes to be booted..expect harsher tone coming from No.10
Jerome Manoj Sequeira 2014/08/09 10:02:31 PM
This is what happening in Mosul Iraq! ISIS Muslims has killed all the Christian families who have refused to convert to Islam. Where is local media? Why no news about this? Feel shame to expose it? Only people in Gaza's life's are counted as life's is it???? Bias! Karma will answer!
rorypreddy 2014/08/09 10:03:12 PM
David Alexander Meyer 2014/08/09 10:37:05 PM
Presumably, the same "tens of thousands" will turn up next weekend in support of the Yazidis...?
Blackie Swart 2014/08/09 10:52:17 PM
The UK has given citizenship to any shady character and are now paying for it.
gunnshot 2014/08/09 11:52:43 PM
Who are the Palestinians? What country is this? Never has been a country. It was the name of the entire region thousands of years ago. The Jews were there over a thousand years before the Arabs. History. They can all live there but the, so called Palestinians demand nothing less than the total destruction of Israel. This has been their aim ever since the so called non existent country of Palestine was dreamt up by the PLO after every Arab nation attacked Israel in 1967 and were througly defeated against overwhelming odds. So many supporters for a non existent country by totally uninformed idiots.
rorypreddy 2014/08/10 06:34:11 AM
Go ISIS show everyone their true colors!
Michael Seymour 2014/08/10 09:13:36 AM
Mr Morris well done. You and Mr Fixworthy hit it on the head. Muslims want their caliphate and to eradicate ALL other religions.
Lyn du Plessis 2014/08/10 01:46:38 PM
Allan, well said and right to the point. Thank you for stating these facts so succinctly.
Tomorrowss Dreamss 2014/08/10 07:46:32 PM
Rather looks like this oak on the pic is clowning around.