Thousands join pro-Palestinian rallies in France

Paris - Thousands of people took to the streets in several cities across France on Saturday to protest Israel's deadly offensive in the Gaza Strip.

"Israel murderer, Hollande partner in crime," shouted demonstrators at a rally in Paris, while others gathered in several cities throughout the country, including Marseille, Lyon and Lille, to voice their support for the Palestinians.

"We are here to declare our total support for the Palestinian resistance and denounce this shameful government [of French President Francois Hollande] for backing the Israeli line," Omar Alsoumi of the Palestinian Youth Movement told the crowds in Paris.

There have been weeks of pro-Palestinian protests in Paris, some marred by clashes, arrests and allegations of anti-Semitism in which synagogues were targeted and Israeli flags burnt.

Saturday's demonstrations come as the death toll in Gaza rose to more than 1 660 after a failed humanitarian truce.

The conflict has stirred up huge passions in France - home to the largest Muslim and Jewish communities in western Europe with around five million Muslims and half a million Jews.

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Bnet Jonas 2014/08/02 11:00:07 PM
I just want to say that whatever your view on this conflict don't take it out on your fellow South Africans. Ubuntu is a beautiful word and action not just a word. Don't let hatred over the seas make hatred here in SA
Anthony Hawke 2014/08/02 11:07:02 PM
Lets bring all the palestinians to Europe. Such lovely people...
Binte Maya 2014/08/02 11:18:28 PM
Kobus I agree with you.. u can't blame an entire nation based on the individuals or so called groups eho carry out extreme actions in tge name of religion!
William Ronga 2014/08/03 12:29:39 AM
No muslims in france no riots!!!! Easy
Liz Fivaz 2014/08/03 12:31:05 AM
France for the French! Get rid of them before they have infested your country!
William Ronga 2014/08/03 12:35:10 AM
They always do just look at all the places they live its a fact
Alan Yates 2014/08/03 06:37:50 AM
" Omar Alsoumi of the Palestinian Youth Movement"....another Muslim, just part of the ongoing immigration jihad of Muslim Supremacists settling in non Muslim countries and keeping themselves separate from the indigenous people (apartheid) while focussing their immiration jihad or hijra on infiltrating and taking over .... Leftist press has no clue about petro dollar financed Islamic assault on many fronts against all non Muslims...Simple question- why no religious freedom in Muslim dominated countries???
TrueBlue 2014/08/03 07:01:29 AM
Omar Alsoumi is lucky that he can use the democratic principles in French law to be able to protest, cause mayhem and get his voice heard. In the Arab countries of the Middle East he would not have been allowed to do that, and in most cases, he would not have been allowed out of refugee camp without a permit or pass. If in Saudi Arabia his family sponsor would be held responsible for his actions, so he would not be able protest.
Bradly Minnaar 2014/08/03 07:25:01 AM
Those are just muslims being rowdy, dnt see french and that pic. France like many European countries seem to be losing their identity.
Cyberfriend 2014/08/03 07:29:47 AM
Nobby like I said it is clear that you side with your Godless athiest zionist brothers ,you follow the same principles.