Thousands without water in Ohio

Toledo - Long lines formed at water distribution centres on Sunday and store shelves were quickly emptied of bottled water after Ohio's fourth-largest city told residents not to drink from its water supply that was fouled by toxins possibly from algae on Lake Erie.

The warning effectively cut off the water supply to 400 000 people in Toledo, most of its suburbs and a few areas in southeastern Michigan.

Worried residents told not to drink, brush their teeth or wash dishes with the water emptied store shelves and waited hours for deliveries of bottled water from across Ohio as the governor declared a state of emergency.

Governor John Kasich pledged that state agencies were working to bring water and other supplies to areas around Toledo while also assisting hospitals and other businesses affected by the ban. The state also was making plans to make more deliveries if the water problem lingered, he said.

He said it was too early to say how long the water advisory will last or what caused toxins to spike suddenly in the drinking water.

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Lindy Jeffery 2014/08/03 02:28:45 PM
So it happens in the States as well !!
Jamill Ahmed 2014/08/03 02:40:21 PM
Lake erie the name says it all
Grant Durban 2014/08/03 02:59:44 PM
And I checked we can't blame the ANC for this one :)
Grant Durban 2014/08/03 03:00:02 PM
Amelia Goodwin 2014/08/03 03:25:42 PM
I really dont much care for anything that goes wrong in the US.
Anthoula Joshua 2014/08/03 03:39:36 PM
At least they gave their citizens early warning, declare a state of emergency, supply water etc. For algae. Not even poo in water. Here they wait until people die and then they deny.
Carl 2014/08/03 04:21:56 PM
Cant blame apartheid for this one...
Sebenzile Sweetpayne Menziwa 2014/08/03 04:59:09 PM
If it was here the roads will be full of burning tyres in the name of freedom do what ever you like.
Anti-Establishment 2014/08/03 11:46:41 PM
see what happens when Zuma and his mates are around.... everything goes toe hell....