Tumour boy's parents blocked from seeing son

Malaga - The father of British brain tumour patient Ashya King said on Wednesday he was being prevented from visiting the five-year-old in hospital, despite the lifting of an extradition order against him and his wife.

"They won't let me see my child because I don't have custody of my child," Brett King told reporters upon arriving at a children's hospital in the southern resort of Malaga.

"They said now he is a ward of court," said King, who was detained on Saturday with his wife for having taken Ashya out of a British hospital, before being released late on Tuesday.

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Louise Barlow 2014/09/03 05:06:59 PM
Disgraceful leave these poor people at peace with their child
MeThinks 2014/09/03 05:22:38 PM
The the kid see his parents, medicine is not the only thing he needs
Mike Clatworthy 2014/09/03 05:41:47 PM
It seems that the people without real jobs are determined to have their say and make themselves a real twit.
Stephanie Torline Strydom 2014/09/04 10:52:04 AM
Please do not talk about tumour boy. Use his name, he is a human being abd deserves respect.