UN: 43 Golan Heights peacekeepers seized

New York - A group of 43 UN peacekeepers in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights have been detained by militants fighting the Syrian army and the world body is working to secure their release, the United Nations said on Thursday.

"During a period of increased fighting beginning yesterday between armed elements and Syrian Arab Armed Forces within the area of separation in the Golan Heights, 43 peacekeepers from the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) were detained early this morning by an armed group in the vicinity of Al Qunaytirah," the UN press office said in a statement.

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David Robert Lewis 2014/08/28 07:31:03 PM
The sheer size of the land mass covered by Syria makes the land dispute in the Levant seem rather trivial.
Mark Becker 2014/08/28 08:16:47 PM
Tell the Israelis that!
rorypreddy 2014/08/28 09:38:59 PM
Bds . Boycott syria. Why Syria? Get the book now!