UN: Iran abiding with terms of nuke deal

Vienna - The UN nuclear agency says that Iran is keeping commitments it agreed to with six world powers in a pact that temporarily caps its nuclear activities and eliminates material that could be most easily used to make nuclear weapons.

The finding is contained in a restricted International Atomic Energy Agency report released on Wednesday and obtained by The Associated Press.

Under the agreement reached late last year, Iran agreed not to increase the scope or capacity of its uranium enrichment program.

Iran says it needs the programme to make reactor fuel, but uranium can also be used for the fissile component of nuclear warheads if enriched to high levels.

Iran also agreed to eliminate its enriched uranium stockpile closest to weapons grade. It insists it does not want such arms.

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Nick Bozman 2014/08/21 09:16:16 AM
Iran has one of the biggest reserves of oil and gas in the world.So why does it so want Nuclear power ? simple an avowed intention to destroy Israel off the face of the earth. Islam at it best again !