UN to hold emergency meeting on Ukraine

New York - The UN Security Council is to hold an emergency meeting on Thursday on the Ukraine crisis following reports that Russia had sent hundreds of troops to shore up separatists in east Ukraine.

The session requested by Lithuania will be held at 16:00 GMT at UN headquarters in New York, diplomats said.

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dunkie56 2014/08/29 09:40:15 AM
How come they did not hold a security council meeting when civilians were being bombed over the last three months..this world is heading for a major reckoning..time to hold the West to account..never mind US unequivocal support for Israel bombing women and children in Gaza...when their time comes the US must take it like a man and know you brought this upon your own heads,...the wheel always turns full circle!
Zubeida Fisher 2014/08/29 10:14:43 AM
Just goes to show the US double standards. They supply bombs and ammunition to Israel but rap Russia over the knuckles for doing the same thing oi
Sean Mitchell 2014/08/29 11:42:41 AM
There have been multiple sc meetings on both issues. If you cannot see that this is naked aggression by a bullying super power against a much weaker neighbour you must be insane. The Ukrainians have suffered terribly under Russian domination and are desperate to avoid it in the future.
Mark Harold Jones 2014/08/29 12:17:12 PM
This was requested by Lithuania. As a country that suffered under Russian oppression and brutality for decades together with Latvia, Estonia, Poland , Moldova in fact all of eastern Europe they know first hand the Russian evil. They are legitimately scared of Russia being allowed to get away with an invasion, as should all of Europe be. @Dunkie were you this vocal when Putin killed 10 000 civilians in Grozny to counter in his words "muslim terrorists" or do you deny this happened. To the Muslims supporting Putin out of hatred for the west, did you forget this. Putin massacred more of your people than Isreal.