US Congress approves funding for Israel rocket defence

Washington - The US Congress on Friday approved $225m for Israel's Iron Dome anti-missile defence system, credited with destroying missiles fired by Hamas before they could reach their targets.

House of Representatives approved the funding by 395 - 8 in a late Friday vote. The Senate earlier approved the measure unanimously before the start of its five week summer recess.

The measure now awaits US President Barack Obama's signature.

The emergency spending funds, which adds to the US deficit, will restock Israel's Iron Dome system with interceptor missiles.

The funding is part of the administration's request of $3.1bn for military assistance to Israel, the world's largest beneficiary of US foreign aid.

Congress appropriated $235m to Iron Dome in 2013.

The White House had originally requested about $176m for the system for 2015, but lawmakers increased the amount. Congress often increases funding for Israeli security projects sought by the president.

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Derek Bredenkamp 2014/08/02 11:59:56 AM
Shouldn't the ones that need protection be the ones that are dying? Just a thought Mr President.
Sergio Oneness Pentecostal Williams 2014/08/02 11:59:59 AM
thank u USA
Thatohatse Thaledi 2014/08/02 12:01:39 PM
When you help a friend in need you friend indeed
Witsie Studdy 2014/08/02 12:01:52 PM
That's why they are called allies.
TaxStrike 2014/08/02 12:17:00 PM
All this is, is a technology test for the USA. clever.
Carina Marx 2014/08/02 12:26:45 PM
Rollingstone, where's Irael ? You education the same level as Hamas guidance landing missiles on own school !!
Noor Bhai 2014/08/02 12:29:03 PM
Washington - The US Congress on Friday approved $225m for Israel to continue with its genocide program!
Nokwanda Matanda 2014/08/02 12:33:37 PM
No wonder USA has either extreme heat, cold, typhoons,cyclones, cold and floods, mall shootings etc. They are the devil in disguise. So called allies. Don't care about 1700 plus innocent deaths, but mourns for dead IDF soldier. God help us.
Viman Singh 2014/08/02 12:43:47 PM
It us really sad that the worlds most powerful country is supporting the killings of civilians in Palestine. USA should help Israel find peace. Maybe the USA should have invaded GAZA, taken control of GAZA and stopped the bloodhed instead of sending more ammut to kill GAZA civilians. Note: USA maybe be the powerhouse of the world today, but in 20 years time China and India will be more powerful calling the shots of the world. USA, watch your step!!!
Rendani Nemavhidi 2014/08/02 12:48:30 PM
More like an adult torturing a baby and many more stronger adults joining in to torture the child.