US asks for federal post mortem on Missouri teen

Washington - US Attorney General Eric Holder has asked for the justice department to arrange an autopsy on the body of Michael Brown by a federal medical examiner.

Justice department spokesperson Brian Fallon said in a news release on Sunday that Holder asked for the additional autopsy because of the "extraordinary circumstances involved in this case" and at the request of Brown's family.

The 18-year-old Brown was shot and killed by a Ferguson, Missouri, police officer on 9 August. Brown, who was unarmed, is black. Officer Darren Wilson is white.

Fallon says the post mortem will take place as soon as possible.

He also said the justice department will still take the state's autopsy into account during the investigation.

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Dylon Damian 2014/08/17 10:14:12 PM
America is something else I tell you. Firstly they zoom in only on white people killing black but ignore black killing black. At least we focus on athletes killing their girlfriends every now and then. As a nation they vote for congress who allow them to profile minorities but when it backfires they are pissed.
Hauke Liefferink 2014/08/17 10:46:47 PM
So this 7 foot thug tried to resist arrest, struggle with a policeman for his gun, gets shot and even Obama gets involved. What a joke. Where's Obama's respect for the law and his police force? This special treatment for looter gangsters is pathetic.
Raymon McNelly 2014/08/18 07:59:40 AM
Seems like the only time the US Attorney General Eric Holder get's off his lazy fat a$$ is when there's an Trayvon Martin type case. He will not lift a finger to investigate the IRS (sorry, he actually impedes the current investigation). Race baiting rubbish.