US hits Iraq dam area 35 times

Washington - US military aircraft and drones carried out 15 air strikes on Monday against Islamic State militants battling for control of a major dam in northern Iraq, the military said.

Fighter jets, bombers and unmanned planes destroyed nine Islamic State positions and eight vehicles around the Mosul dam, where insurgents are fighting Kurdish forces, US Central Command said.

The US military launched a wave of air strikes in northern Iraq just over a week ago with the stated aim of protecting a group of Yazidi minority refugees and preventing an IS advance on the city of Arbil.

President Barack Obama said last week that the siege of the Yazidi civilians has been broken, but strikes have only intensified as US-backed Kurdish and Iraqi forces try to secure the key dam.

"Since 8 August, US Central Command has conducted a total of 68 airstrikes in Iraq. Of those 68 strikes, 35 have been in support of Iraqi forces near the Mosul Dam," the statement said.

Monday's barrage destroyed nine IS fighting positions and a checkpoint, six armed trucks, an armoured vehicle, a mobile anti-aircraft gun and a patch of ground booby-trapped with improvised explosives.

Central Command said the strikes had been conducted under the authority of Obama's order to support Iraqi and Kurdish forces in the fight against IS militants and to protect US personnel and facilities.

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Wehr Wulf 2014/08/18 11:45:03 PM
Go USA!!
Dirk Engelbrecht 2014/08/19 12:02:21 AM
Skiet hom in die hol of in die hardloop...
I.j. Mthimunye 2014/08/19 06:53:08 AM
Cleaning up your mess, should have left Iraq alone under Saddam.
I.j. Mthimunye 2014/08/19 06:53:08 AM
Cleaning up your mess, should have left Iraq alone under Saddam.
Tauriq Hercules 2014/08/19 07:48:27 AM
The Yazidis believe in God as creator of the world, which he has placed under the care of seven "holy beings" or angels, the "chief" (archangel) of whom is Melek Taus, the "Peacock Angel." The Peacock Angel, as world-ruler, causes both good and bad to befall individuals, and this ambivalent character is reflected in myths of his own temporary fall from God's favor, before his remorseful tears extinguished the fires of his hellish prison and he was reconciled with God. This belief builds on Sufi mystical reflections on the angel Iblis, who proudly refused to violate monotheism by worshipping Adam and Eve at God's express command.[18] Because of this connection to the Sufi Iblis tradition, some followers of other monotheistic religions of the region equate the Peacock Angel with their own unredeemed evil spirit Satan,[19][20][21][22] which has incited centuries of persecution of the Yazidis as "devil worshippers." So US protects these devil worshipers- Makes sense! I stand with the ISIS to kill them all!