US military strikes continue despite Foley beheading

Washington - US war planes continue to strike Islamic State targets in Iraq despite the militants' beheading of a US journalist in retaliation for President Barack Obama's air campaign in Iraq, US officials said on Wednesday.

The United States has been conducting attacks on Islamic State vehicles and other targets in northern Iraq since earlier this month, as the White House seeks to help Iraq push back militants who have poured into the country from neighbouring Syria.

In an act of apparent revenge for the strikes, the hard line Islamist group on Tuesday posted a video showing the beheading of American journalist James Foley, who disappeared while reporting in Syria in 2012. The group also threatened to act against another US journalist reportedly in its custody.

Officials at the Pentagon said an announcement from US Central Command about renewed strikes was expected later on Wednesday.

Deepandsoulfulhouse DjVido Buka 2014/08/20 07:02:47 PM
The tone of this article suggests the opposite reaction - withdrawal of Air strikes was expected. This is the US we're talking about, If anything they will intensify the strikes and maybe even bring ground troops. This mess is a consequence of their invasion of Iraq, so they must deal with it.
Ndivhuho Tshioma Dzivhani 2014/08/20 07:07:54 PM
Ndivhuho Tshioma Dzivhani 2014/08/20 07:08:00 PM
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Sean Lock 2014/08/20 07:10:32 PM
Any religion that uses woman and kids as bombs. Should be wiped out.
Johan Esterhuizen215 2014/08/20 07:25:42 PM
Go Obama Go NOW is the time annihilate them !
Bradly Minnaar 2014/08/20 08:32:01 PM
Beheading an American citizen just means ur a@# is gonna get kicked harder. Adding fuel to the fire.....well done stupid extremists