US presses Israel to free teen citizen

Washington -The United States on Thursday renewed calls on Israel to free a 15-year-old US citizen of Palestinian heritage who has been held for five weeks for alleged rock-throwing.

A US consular officer on 31 July visited Mohammed Abu Nie, who has dual American and Palestinian citizenship and was arrested in east Jerusalem on 3 July, the state department said.

"This 15-year old has now been held for five weeks in Israeli custody, and [we] are gravely concerned over the prolonged detention of this US citizen and child", state department spokesperson Marie Harf told reporters.

The state department said that the boy was charged with rock-throwing, carrying a knife and leading a protest amid the outbreak of tension in the region.

In an earlier public statement, the United States voiced concern that the teenager has been mistreated in custody.

Last month an Israeli court allowed another Palestinian American teenager, who was allegedly beaten in police custody, to return home to Florida.

That teenager, Tariq Abu Khader, is the cousin of Mohammed Abu Khder, a 16-year-old Palestinian whose kidnapping and murder by suspected Jewish extremists sparked outrage and fuelled the latest violence.

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mahomed 2014/08/08 02:26:19 PM
Nothing new. The Zionists & IDF have a track record of detaining & torturing kids for prolonged periods. Even kids as young as 5 years old have been through this disgusting experience. On youtube, there is an Australian documentary in Feb 2014 that reveals this shocking treatment of Palestinian kids by IDF.
Dayaan Deskay 2014/08/08 03:02:06 PM
Israel needs to be taught a lesson that they not above international law
mack.myburgh 2014/08/08 03:10:13 PM
Both Israel and the Palestinians are at fault , they both practice a form of (excuse the pun ) apartheid and both quick to use violence.America sells arms to the Jews and the Russians to the muslims.Its the way it is........
Christopher Thaylan 2014/08/08 03:11:35 PM
and what is the charge for such an offense? I assume it should be some time in prison anyway so why should he be released? are we trying to tell criminals that its ok to commit crimes? daddy will just come and throw his weight around and demand your release.
Ted Burg 2014/08/08 03:13:55 PM
@Brandz and Faried Here we go again... So should we go back to 1948 or 1248 or 0000. It's not a case of who started this, its a case of how does it end. Everyone agrees that it should end (even the Israeli's) except for your precious, innocent Hamas. The answer is pretty simple really. Hamas recognises the state of Israel, Israel then has discussions with them. Israel agrees to move out of the West Bank etc and the Palestinians can live happily ever after while sharing Jerusalem with Israel. It's not rocket (pun intended) science. If Hamas truly wanted a way out they would get on with it, however it serves their purpose to carry on. Yasser Arafat reportedly died worth around $1,3bn - how the hell does a "freedom fighter" amass that kind of money? This is about money and power and Hamas will do all that they can to prolong this to enrich themselves. This ain't no holy war gents...
Ted Burg 2014/08/08 03:17:24 PM
@Mohamed Sorry bud, you can't take the moral high ground here at all. Ever heard of suicide bombers, yep those kids that are sent out to blow themselves up - forgot about them I'll bet when moaning about the Israeli's. That obviously doesn't condone what Israel is doing - it's wrong. Puts things in context a bit though.