US urges border check for Russia aid convoy

Washington - The United States on Tuesday backed Ukraine's demand for a Russian convoy to go through border checks to clear up concerns that Moscow is seeking to support rebels.

The United States and its European allies have been voicing concern for days over a convoy of 262 Russian trucks headed toward the Ukrainian border, which the Kremlin insists is desperately needed humanitarian assistance in the conflict zone.

After consultations with Kiev, the United States is ready to support the convoy if it goes through customs checks and hands over the aid to the International Committee of the Red Cross for distribution.

"Russia has no right to move into Ukraine unilaterally, whether under the guise of humanitarian convoys or any other pretext, without Kiev's permission," State Department spokesperson Marie Harf told reporters.

Ukrainian officials "have a plan in place that they feel comfortable with. We feel comfortable with it as well. And now the Russians need to deliver," Harf said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that Moscow is sending the aid in response to the "catastrophic consequences" of Kiev's campaign against pro-Russian insurgents.

The United States rejected such views, with Harf saying that the humanitarian situation in eastern Ukraine was "a direct result of Russia's intervention".

Over 1 300 people have been killed in four months of what the Red Cross has already deemed a civil war, while 285 000 have fled their homes, according to the United Nations.

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Brian Dippenaar 2014/08/13 01:32:16 AM
According to German reports there are 400+ US Greystone (Blackwater subsidiary) mercenaries currently deployed in Ukraine... The head of the CIA John Brennan was caught trying to secretly enter Ukraine using a false name and identity... A leaked phone conversation shows how the US state department under Victoria Noodleman hand picked who would form the new Ukrainian government... Still they point the finger and blame Russia and sanction her. The Europeans sacrifice their own economy on the altar of Ukraine!
Knormoer Dwarstrek 2014/08/13 06:47:47 AM
The aid will never reach those in need if the Ukraine or US gets their hands on it. US should concentrate on the mess they've created in the Middle East - on the other hand, history showed that their interference (war efforts) is keeping the American economy ticking.
Deon Pretorius 2014/08/13 08:42:17 AM
Just like the humanitarian situation in Irak is Americas fault.The EU started this whole mess and Russia was forced to react to protect its interests.
PRQBR 2014/08/13 08:43:06 AM
Let them do their checks and let the aid reach the civilians. The western attempts to halt this aid shows how little they care about the innocent peoples suffering, any attempt by the Russians to smuggle in weapons will be exposed and the appropriate response will happen so that point is moot. And MHJ, these mercenaries only know focus and efficiency in killing civilians, these are the same people who had their licence to operate in Iraq revoked for killing civilians and there are numerous other human rights violations all over the world that they have commited. Your support for them to step in shows your true colours MHJ.
Deon Pretorius 2014/08/13 08:45:50 AM
Mark, mercs fight for money. Thats all.
MinRa 2014/08/13 10:10:00 AM
Better safe than sorry
dunkie56 2014/08/13 11:52:21 AM
But the US says Russian troops have already invaded Ukraine,this is why sanctions have been imposed.Not only this Russia has shot down an airliner and shelled Ukraine Territory.How can they now be supplying humanitarian aid when they are at war with Ukraine..something does not fit here!
Diana Gill 2014/08/13 03:31:40 PM
If to imagine for a second that all wet dreams of some hot shot Ukrainian patriots came true and Russia seized to exist the life would have become pretty hard as their only excuse for all failures and idiotic behaviour disappeared and they would have to deal with the fact of their incredible incompetence.