Ukraine: Russia has massed 45 000 troops on border

Kiev - Russia has massed 45 000 troops on its border with Ukraine backed by an array of heavy equipment including tanks, missile systems, warplanes and attack helicopters, Ukrainian military spokesperson Andriy Lysenko said on Monday.

"As of 11:00 today, about 45 000 troops of the armed forces and internal forces of the Russian Federation are concentrated in border areas," Lysenko told a briefing.

He said they were supported by 160 tanks, 1 360 armoured vehicles, 390 artillery systems, up to 150 Grad missile launchers, 192 fighter aircraft and 137 attack helicopters.

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mmmmTim 2014/08/11 07:56:51 PM
Yes, if he calls Natos bluff and is prepared to have Western sanctions for a few years in exchange for taking the whole of Ukraine in order to protect the East Ukranians, he may well invade. The Kiev government is so rotten that they deserve everything Putin hands out, they are shelling their own civilians.
Vhutavhatsindi Thanganelano Ya Venda 2014/08/11 08:04:20 PM
We only have 25 fighter aircraft n other country have 192 aircraft n we have only 7 qualified pilots for gripens_ we must stay away from war stuff