Ukraine: Won't sacrifice sovereignty for peace

Kiev - Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said on Saturday that Kiev will not sacrifice its sovereignty for peace, following talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

"Today the time has come for peace in Donbass [in the east]. Ukraine along with our European partners and the whole world will do everything for this to happen but not at the expense of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine," Poroshenko told journalists.

dunkie56 2014/08/23 07:06:32 PM
He will only sacrifice Ukrainian peace for what...when was sovereignty ever been threatened.A federal situation can sort out all the differences that people might have in Ukraine,there are semi autonomous regions in Russia itself and every body gets on just fine.It is merely this idiots and the rest of the "junta's" inability to think laterally as they only see Russia as the cause of the countries problems.This is the political view of those in the West who only want to see Russia as the enemy and this view has been fostered in Ukraine to the determent of peace and stability and the well being of the average Ukrainian!
Siya 2014/08/23 07:08:08 PM
What's your action plan, shelling is not a solution.
Diana Gill 2014/08/23 08:27:32 PM
Ya mr Pig, its a good one, wipe off everyone, who disagrees with your rule of dictator and government consisting of corrupt officials- and there will be peace.
Avhashoni Tshatsinde 2014/08/23 09:47:08 PM
This man is really a pig hellbent on destroying his own country. Just wish his sheep could turn against him.
Martiens Bezuidenhout 2014/08/23 11:52:38 PM
Are you guys actually agreeing with the Rebels? Say what!?
Mark Russell 2014/08/24 02:32:19 AM
If I am not mistaken, Putin has been calling for a federalization since March as the only solution but that has been ignored until now. WHY?