WikiLeaks founder may hand himself over to police - report

Cape Town – Wikileaks website founder Julian Assange will hold a news conference on Monday, with reports suggesting that he may hand himself over to police.

Sky News reports that Assange may need treatment for heart and lung problems. According to Sky News correspondent Martin Brunt Assange sounded very dispirited in a newspaper interview.

The WikiLeaks founder is being investigated for publishing classified US military documents and diplomatic cables. He also faces a Swedish arrest warrant for allegedly sexually assaulting two women.

He was granted political asylum by the Ecuadorian embassy in London in 2012 and faces arrest by police officers permanently stationed outside the embassy.

According to the National Post, Assange’s life inside the permanently air-conditioned atmosphere has left the Australian anti-secrecy campaigner with a host of health problems including irregular heartbeat, a chronic cough, and high blood pressure.

Wikileak sources claim that the lack of sunshine has lead to a Vitamin D deficiency which puts him at risk of asthma, diabetes, weak bones, and other conditions.

Brad Saunders 2014/08/18 09:50:43 AM
Once he goes down what meaningful expression on secrecy is left to us.
Bnet Jonas 2014/08/18 10:07:28 AM
What an amazing person he has opened our eyes to the behavior if governments worldwide
Thato Loeto 2014/08/18 10:58:07 AM
life inside the permanently air-conditioned atmosphere and lack of sunshine??... surely they must have windows at the embassy building... just open the windows and let the sunshine in*
Viktêr Då Mystroh 2014/08/18 11:11:03 AM
Rather hand urself over cos living as a fugitive can't be easy. We will rally behind ur release. Or you'll wiki-leak out of prison...
Warren 2014/08/18 11:21:25 AM
Interesting choice: a self imposed prison, or a govt approved one
Dean Stander 2014/08/18 11:21:57 AM
Julian should get a Nobel Prize, not a prison cell.
Cecil Roars 2014/08/18 01:37:54 PM
This guy is certainly not a hero. Companies, organisations and governments keep secrets. As individuals, we have secrets too. In revelaing such massive state secrets in the manner he did shows what an unblanced being that he is. He deserves to face justice for actions that he committed. Now the chickens are coming home to roost.