Woman arrested with coke in breast implants

Madrid - Spanish police say they have arrested a woman who landed at Madrid's international airport with 1.7kg of cocaine hidden in her breast implants.

Narcotics agents grew suspicious when the 43-year-old Venezuelan woman exhibited unspecified strange behaviour during a routine screening of passengers who had just arrived from Bogota, Colombia.

A luggage search showed nothing unusual. But a frisk by female officers revealed irregularities and deformations in both of the suspect's breasts.

The passenger then "became nervous and confessed to carrying cocaine implants," a police statement said on Friday.

The suspected drug smuggler was transferred to a hospital where she was detained for an alleged crime against public health, the statement says.

Spain employs a police unit to specifically check passenger arrivals from major drug-producing countries.

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Makeke Asanda Thandaza 2014/08/15 10:46:08 PM
lord hve mercy
MeThinks 2014/08/15 10:52:52 PM
Breast implants: cocaine pockets
NoeNoe 2014/08/15 10:57:11 PM
I wonder if I could get the job to "search" the ladies? ;-))
Lucky Tiva 2014/08/15 11:04:55 PM
OR Tambo international airport are you taking notes?#forever fearless
Ntshadi Amelia Mogashoa 2014/08/15 11:07:33 PM
Mmmmm ya neh le matswele tota
Innocentia Dube 2014/08/15 11:09:41 PM
arrested with COKE in breast...
Adolph Siphiwe 2014/08/15 11:12:57 PM
They just never give up do they...
Amanda Pui 2014/08/15 11:46:17 PM
Is this a Nigerian too ? Of course Not..
Amanda Pui 2014/08/15 11:47:51 PM
Selby Sello Rasoesoe 2014/08/16 12:00:11 AM
Eish, these girls.