Woman beheaded in London - report

London - A man has been arrested after a woman was found beheaded in a back garden in north London, Sky News reported on Thursday afternoon.

The broadcaster said police had given few details. 

Sky added that there was no suggestion that the killing had any terrorist motive.

The UK Daily Mail reported that a machete had been used in the attack.

Michael Seymour 2014/09/04 05:33:21 PM
New "fashion" amongst murderers. Headless corpses. You cant say they dont keep up with the press mind you...... Lets all wonder what they will do next. Stop reporting on it in such a sensationalist way but.of course, this way does increase revenue...
Michael Seymour 2014/09/04 05:33:47 PM
Brilliant ! if I say so myself
Graham Psalmist Jehoma 2014/09/04 05:47:24 PM
Where are we HEAD-ing? Sad very sad
Ameenah Teixeira Jacobs 2014/09/04 05:55:57 PM
One learns something everyday. Only Muslims behead people. Someone should tell that to marie antoinette
Abra Dhlamini 2014/09/04 06:09:19 PM
British media they've been telling lies about terrorist while is them going to Arab countries killing innocent people all the time, we are just tired of they're lies,they have to stop! The whole world understand them. that they're the most evil racist, tell lies all the time,
Alan Yates 2014/09/04 06:20:50 PM
@Ndebe: Mohamed, the desert bedouin tribesman founder of Islam Ideology beheaded 300 Jews around 639 AD long before 1500. Arab Muslims were stealing black people from Africa as slaves for many centuries before the British came to Africa. Since then Islam has perfected ethnic cleansing of non Moslems like they did in Mosul Iraq last month.
Abra Dhlamini 2014/09/04 06:40:21 PM
British &USA, wherever they entre the country has to be war,separating people hate of racist, spoiling life for other white people that are innocent, Queen knows the truth what they've done in south Africa, is them they bring apartheid racist now they stand back &say is Afrikaner racist while is them the causer slavery sheeping African to Jamaica, for slavery working for them for free,busters!
Azana Booi 2014/09/04 07:01:33 PM
The vampires doing it again!!!