Woman steals wine to see jailed boyfriend

Cedar Park - A woman allegedly stole a bottle of $3.99 wine to get arrested and see her jailed boyfriend.

Alicia Walicke was charged with misdemeanour theft and freed on $5 000 bail on Friday. Jail records did not list an attorney for the woman.

Police say Walicke stole a bottle of wine from a Texas gas station on Wednesday. An arrest affidavit says police found the woman outside the business and drinking the wine.

The affidavit says she told police that she wanted to see her boyfriend, who was arrested hours earlier, and told them she wanted to go to jail.

Police didn't immediately identify the boyfriend or say whether the woman saw him.

Police didn't immediately return messages on Saturday.

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Makeke Asanda Thandaza 2014/08/16 08:35:17 PM
lol....thts so silly and y is she in love with a criminal?
Nozipho Mayihlome 2014/08/16 08:41:13 PM
when a woman loves;she loves for real!
Bafedile Selahle 2014/08/16 08:50:31 PM
lol ja neh...............
Michael Unathi 2014/08/16 09:05:35 PM
$5000 bail for stealing a bottle of $3.99?
Tebogo Ntjaagae 2014/08/16 09:38:48 PM
true love
Lag N Dag 2014/08/16 11:06:20 PM
Reading the comments I got hope for our country. We have compassion and, also very important, a SENSE of HUMOUR.
Zamaah Zamaah 2014/08/17 01:27:11 AM
hw cum a man is in jail nd the steal 2 hm t impossible tht means they al belong there
Ame Ombre 2014/08/17 05:39:23 AM
Wrongly supposed to be a so-called love story! When in actual fact, its the behaviour to the early start in alcoholism! Imbecilty of woman who's mind and body not exempted from the effects of alcohol... Being overlooked is the probably of a love child born with the syndrome called - the foetal alcoholic syndrome - born to chronic alcoholic mothers!
Spijo Skhokho 2014/08/17 06:15:34 AM
shes madly and drunk in love
Alfred Karius 2014/08/17 06:16:31 AM
Only in a police state do you go yo jail for stealing four dollars.