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There is no more Boko Haram, it's a Military Task Force

2014-04-22 14:44 in MyNews24

Top level military men in the Nigerian army have claimed that the Boko Haram attacks have been orchestrated by the military.

God Bless Nigeria

2014-04-23 08:44 in MyNews24

Nigeria is a country that is blessed, but the evil ones are trying to corrupt and destroy it.

The politics of Imo State

2014-04-22 12:21 in MyNews24

The politics in Imo State of Nigeria has became a national cake where everybody came and collected his own share.

$458 million to become a weapon of mass destruction

2014-04-22 09:37 in MyNews24

The $458 million of the Abacha loot would become a weapon of mass destruction if it is given to Nigeria by the US.

Fayose weill bring about a return to the "Dark Days" in Ekiti

2014-04-17 14:50 in MyNews24

The speculation had been rife for some time that Abuja, nay the ruling People’s Democratic Party, (PDP), has long concluded...

Letter to 1 mllion youth defrauded by immigration

2014-04-17 12:57 in MyNews24

For too long, Nigerians have lacked and missed opportunities of true growth, true strength, true progress, true peace, true...

Death everywhere: The consequences of state corruption

2014-04-17 09:51 in MyNews24

Everywhere we look in Nigeria today and see death; it is not an accident. It is the price the people pay for the corruption of...

Much ado about GDP rebasing

2014-04-16 14:37 in MyNews24

Over the years, successive governments in Nigeria have always bamboozled us with great terminologies such as GDP, per capita and...

Who massacred the Fulani In Keana?

2014-04-16 12:01 in MyNews24

The chronology of the events that lead up to the attack on the Fulani settlement in Nasarawa State which left up to 30 people dead.