Does Beyoncé make public breastfeeding cool?

By: Robyn Addinall 2012-03-07 16:00
Beyoncé breastfed Blue Ivy in public and the breastfeeding world is ecstatic.

Beyonce breastfeeding in public

(Image: Gettyimages)

The world of breastfeeding is buzzing and all it took was for Beyoncé to breastfeed her 7-week-old baby girl, Blue Ivy, in a restaurant.

According to, Beyoncé was sighted apparently breastfeeding Blue Ivy as they lunched with Jay-Z at New York City’s Sant Ambroeus restaurant.

Was Beyoncé making a statement as many lactivists hope or was she merely feeding her hungry baby? Does Beyoncé feeding her baby in a restaurant really make any difference to how people perceive public breastfeeding?

Apparently it does. sheds some light: "The simple, perhaps unwitting, decision to feed Blue Ivy at the table rather than retreat to a bathroom or other private location gave a huge boost to the cause of nursing in public, particularly for black women, who have significantly lower breast-feeding rates than white mothers."

How do you feel? Does Beyoncé taking a stand and breastfeeding in public change how you feel? Would you breastfeed in public if more celebs did so too?


If Beyoncé can do it, so can I!: 31% (515 votes)

I'd never breastfeed in public: 18% (295 votes)

I hate it when women breastfeed in public: 26% (442 votes)

Beyoncé is one brave lady!: 26% (432 votes)

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