Try career mapping and soar at work

Jobs come and go but people who are the “best at what they do” are treasured forever.  But how do you know that you're on the right track to be recognised for your skills and knowledge?

Let's start with these three quick questions:

•    Do you know which professions and competencies are the most important for the growth of your organisation?
•    Can you think of ways that can employees can contribute and build knowledge and skill in these core professions?
•    Are you aware of which professions are mission-imperative?

No? Well, here's a new tool that could help you get on the ball – career maps.

Essentially, a career map provides detailed information to make strategic decisions for career development. It allows HR, organisations and employees – separately or together – to target the intersections between your personal aspirations and the business's needs.

What's different about career mapping?

Like a GPS in your car, career maps display alternative routes to build mastery in the core professions.  A career map is a visual, codified approach to career management. It is a roadmap to excellence in a confused and radically changing workforce.

Once you have a set idea of what you want to do and how you are going to get there, it makes it easier to identify desired job opportunities.  You now have a set idea of time period and what it is going to cost you to achieve these goals.

In the case of Brenda Liebenberg, we identified additional training/educational skills to achieve her goal to become a Life Coach.  We also linked this to a time period as well as identified opportunities within her current company.

Would you like to give learn more about career mapping? Get in touch with Marie Hardick from Executives Online.