Lil Wayne in Jeggings

By: Zodidi Dano 2011-08-31 11:53
OMG! I never saw this coming. Rapper Lil Wayne wore women’s jeggings to the VMA Awards. Check it out.

Clearly Wayne couldn’t let Kanye West take all the credit for parading in women’s clothing, he had to top it – and he did. Wayne performed at the VMAs wearing leopard print jeggings. Crazy, right?

It seems like these superstar rappers are fed up with us ladies and our “boyfriend” lines. I mean, we rock their blazers, jeans, tops… heck, we even get to wear their boxers. Do you blame them?

Well, ladies watch out – if this trend continues, men will soon be parading around in our panties…

Going back to Wayne, I think he should stick to wearing the usual baggy jeans.  What do you think?
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