Lesbian sex position - The cat's cradle

2011-03-30 09:11
Direct mutual clitoral stimulation can be difficult to achieve, but is so satisfying that it’s worth the trouble to learn this tricky position.

- Direct clitororal and visual stimulation which will drive you wild
- Very intimate. Kissing and embracing each other is easy.

- It might be a bit uncomfortable if one or both of you are a bit chubby or too skinny.
How to do it:
Also called 'Scissoring, this position is done with both of your legs open to ‘fit’ into each other, so you are like two pairs of scissors pushed together.

This way you can meet each other’s vaginas – twist slightly so you can get even closer. If you need to, hold each other’s hands to balance and start working a gentle thrusting and rubbing motion.

Once momentum gets going, you’ll be close to giving each other a clitoral orgasm before you know it!

Which other great lesbian sex positions can you think of?
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