The Kardashian clan’s 2012 Christmas card

By: Gadeeja Abbas 2012-12-18 12:00
Opting for an all white wardrobe; from the girls’ tight little dresses to the men donning crisp white suits, it’s clear that photographer Nick Saglimbeni pulled out all the stops this year create a white Christmas for the reality show stars.

They even kept Kim’s dearly departed kitty, Mercy, in the picture as a silent tribute.

And in comparison to last year’s poised, professional and almost sombre-looking card, the Kardashians seem a little warmer and welcoming in this one.

So sweet.

As far as style and atmosphere goes, this card certainly captures it. They all look lovely in white, but, I do think that leaving the backdrop to be the same colour is a bit much.

Surely you’d want the stylish threads and beautiful faces to stand out, wouldn’t you?

What do you think? This card is:

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