Alternative training: Boot Camp

I haven’t done any exercise in 4 years. Unless you count lifting a glass of beer to my lips and occasionally driving cars without power steering.

So when I was approached to do Adventure Boot Camp I wasn’t exactly champing at the bit. I’ve read about all the health benefits (reduction in body fat, increase in strength and fitness) and I know how great exercise makes me feel, but having to start exercising after such a long time of being a couch potato is MURDER.

The first day was relatively easy. It was lovely to work out outside and all the other newcomers were all just as shy and nervous as I was. The hour flew past and I left with a spring in my step already looking forward to the next day.

Ha ha ha. The next morning I basically fell out of bed. I was stiff in places I didn’t even know I had places. I spent the rest of the day in that weird half-enjoyable agony of the stiff muscle pain variety. And knew I was going to have to go again that night.

This is where Robyn (our trainer) came in. Less shouty army sergeant and more dedicated, encouraging coach, she managed to keep a close eye on all the participants and knew just when and how to motivate you when you feel like you can’t anymore. With a smile that reaches from ear to ear she joked and cajoled and inspired until every muscle in my body ached.

We played games, worked with partners, did Pilates and even went up Lion’s Head.  Due to personal reasons I couldn’t make all the classes I had scheduled and I missed quite a bit. But the ones I did make were so much fun!

I would definitely do it again. The spirit of camaraderie, the changing exercises, the great outdoors and the fact that you can work at your own intensity all made this completely worthwhile for me. I remembered again that I had nothing to fear from physical exercise and nothing to hate about my body.

You can contact them here: Adventure Boot Camp.